It was that nightmare again. She knew it; she had been having it for the past year, from January 21, 2012 until now. It always went the same way, the same outcome and the same man who was chasing her. She wasn't even sure if she could call him a man, he acted inhumane and always made this little dream, a sick game. She knew exactly what he was going to say, where he was going to be. Why should tonight be any different?

She felt a shiver coming from her back, it was the feeling she always got when he was about to approach.

"Hello, my little robin," the man said. The man, if you can call him that, stood at about seven feet tall, had hair that blended in with the night, eyes that were red, filled with anger and hate; he was wearing what he always wore in her dreams, a black trench coat, a black hat and black jeans.

"I thought that tonight would be different, I am getting tired of this little game, Livia. I want a change of pace," the man said.

"What do you want from me?" Liv asked the man.

"Nothing, I just want to continue this little game, forever, I just love how it ends," the man replied.

"Who are you?" Liv asked.

"You have played my game for the past 365 days; it is quite interesting that you bring up this question now. I will tell it to you, my little robin. I promised that there would be no secrets between us and I hold true to my word,"

"You were the voice who aided in my dreams before?" Liv asked.

"Yes, my precious little robin, those other people didn't need your help, I did. I am a lonely soul," the man said with much sadness in his voice.

"I never thought of it that much, I assumed I was listening to my conscience and it was helping me do good in my dreams," Liv said.

"It was me, the psychopath, the vampire, the werewolf, the King of the Night,"

"What do you mean by King of the Night?" Liv asked with much fear in her voice.

"Most people call me Nightmare. I am the living embodiment of every bad dream, everyone's true fear," he cackled.

"Nightmare," Liv said, truly afraid now. The pieces finally clicked in her head, the chase, the man who was all of her worst fears, it all made sense.

"My precious robin, you will never leave me. You will be with me forever and ever," Nightmare said.

"I will not. I have a family and friends. I am not anyone's puppet," Liv said with much confidence in her voice, even though she was terrified.

"You will stay here, you don't have a chance. You will never wake up and you will stay and be my friend, my best friend," Nightmare screamed.

"What if I say no?" Liv asked.

"Then right here will be your final resting spot, no more games, and permanent death," Nightmare said.


Wick stared at her sister; she was the one who thought it was a good idea to have a writing party. Their friends would be here any minute and Liv still wasn't awake.

"Wake up, Liv," Wick attempted to shake her sister but she wasn't getting up.


"Wake up, Liv," A voice said from the outside. "We have to go to that writing party," She knew it was her twin sister.

"I only need a few more minutes, Liv. Then you will be mine and you will awake but you won't be yourself. You will just be a shell of yourself. I will be you," Nightmare cackled.

"What do you want from me?" Liv demanded.

"Your body, your friends, your family, your mind, everything that I have been denied," Nightmare said. " All that, should have been mine,"

"What will happen to me when you take control?" Liv asked.

"You will not exist; you will go into the land of the forgotten," Nightmare said.

"The land of the forgotten, what happens there?" Liv asked.

"You fade away until you are a shell, a useless being. It has happens to all the others I possessed, the countless, foolish, mortals,"

"What others?" Liv asked.

"The people before you, the ones who died, that is the only thing about being human. You all die at one point or another. I will live forever and ever," Nightmare said. " Even if my form will change, my ideals will not," Nightmare said, his voice much more powerful than before.

"No, you will not," Liv said.

"I have already won, Livia. The time is up on you, no one will notice and no one will know you are gone, happy birthday, Livia," Nightmare said.

"I won't lose; you will not take control of my body," Liv said. The duo both fell through the exit, Nightmare had opened.


Wick sighed as her sister finally woke up. They still had a few minutes before their friends would arrive.

"Are you okay?" Wick asked her sister.

"Yes, I believe I am finally done with that nightmare," Liv said with much excitement in her voice.

"Today is our writing party; we have to make sure you are ready," Liv looked at the clock and saw that it was 9 o clock.

"Wick, we still have an hour, I told everyone to be here at ten," Liv said.

"Oh, well then, do you find out the name of your mystery man in your recurring nightmare?" Wick asked.

"Yes, his name was Nightmare," Liv told her sister the whole dream in thirty minutes.

"So he came into the portal with you but he seemed to have vanished," Liv nodded her head at her sister.

"I feel like I haven't seen the last of him though, he will be back," Liv said, convinced that her enemy was far from gone.


Nightmare smirked as he realized he was in the girl's mind. This had worked better than he could have planned it.

"This is perfect; I can easily find the perfect body for myself from within her mind," Nightmare watched as he saw people pass but none of them seemed his idea of perfect. He waited and waited until he finally saw the perfect specimen, one with blond hair, blue eyes and a tall frame. He made sure Liv bumped into him, and he was gone from her head. He was now almost Nathan Jakson, but first he need to control and destroy his mind.

AN: Happy Birthday Liv and Wicked! Here is a birthday story! Enjoy!