Warning: BL (If you don't know what this is or you don't like it then don't read it)

The rain was pouring heavily through the dark evening, luckily for Okiharu Yukio, he had an umbrella and was calmly walking home. He actually found the downpour quite soothing, the noise, the sensation of clean water washing the earth, not bad weather at all!

Until he heard a scrawny mewl that seemed to echo near a dark alley. Of course, Yukio's curiosity got the better of him and followed the noise. To his surprise, it wasn't as easy as he thought; the noise was almost fading away and the wide alley held several trash cans, cardboard boxes and other containers that could potentially hold what he thought was a kitten. Unfortunately, the mewls suddenly died out.

Yukio was about to give up until he kicked nearby cardboard box to reveal the hidden kitten. The poor thing was huddled into a tiny ball of soaked black fluff. Although the unlucky creature stopped meowing, Yukio kneeled down to carefully touch the kitten with a gentle finger causing the young feline to come to life and return to its pitiful cries.

Almost immediately, the ash blond boy's heart gave away for the poor kitten that was now miserably crawling at his feet. Thankfully, he lived alone in a single apartment with no parents to refuse the kitten to stay. Unfortunately, Yukio wasn't completely sure that the owner of his lodgings allowed animals to stay.

Still! How could any human leave such a poor, defenseless creature alone to die in this alley? Yukio made his mind up: He would sneak the kitten in his room and take care of it in secret!

Extremely careful now, Yukio picked up the small feline and on closer inspection, noticed that its back had a deep scratch. The wound had also apparently ripped off some fur in the process as well. He proceeded to slip the kitten, which was small enough, into his jacket pocket

I wonder if I still have my medical kit...Maybe I can ask someone if I don't have it. While heading home, he thought of possible candidates to ask.

"Uh, so you see, I kinda need a medical kit." Turns out, Yukio did not have a medical kit so he ended up asking the most sympathetic person, his next door neighbor and senpai, Hanazawa Umio. Still, that didn't excuse the fact that Yukio was asking him this question in the middle of the night. Judging that his jade eyes were blinking drowsily and his normally smooth long hair was roughly scruffy, it seemed that Hanazawa had been sleeping peacefully, until now.

"What's wrong Okiharu-kun? Are you injured?" Immediately, his eyes narrowed and thoroughly scanned Yukio's body, clearly worried.

"Uh no, I just have a...'little friend' that has a really bad injury." Yukio stammered out. Despite that he trusted his senpai, you could never be too safe, right?

"Oh, then you can borrow mine for tonight." Within seconds, the sleepy senpai went back into his room and came out with a basic small medical kit.

"Thank you Hanazawa-senpai!" The overjoyed kouhai graciously hugged Hanazawa then zoomed to his private room to attend to his "little friend".

Once in the safety of his room, Yukio immediately got one of his towels and gently dried off the poor thing and tried to make it as warm as possible.

Unfortunately, Yukio had overestimated his abilities of healing. Or it could also be speculated that he was just plain clumsy. All of Yukio's attempts to bandage the wound all failed and they all slipped off. Thankfully, after his thirteenth try and the usage of the entire roll of the white bandage, it managed to hold. Yukio could only step back and take deep pride in his not-so-handy handiwork.

The small kitten meowed happily, almost thanking this clumsy stranger. Following after the meows were heavy blinking from its eyes. It was then about to collapse.

Yukio quickly caught it and took that as a sign that both he and his new found friend should get to bed. He placed the kitten on one of his spare futons, making sure it stay warm for the night. Yukio then slipped into his pajamas which only consisted of a shirt that was several sizes too big and some pants and then he flopped into his bed.

The night stretched out, taking its time. While Yukio was peacefully sleeping like a log, a dark yet small silhouette loomed over him.

"Finally, I found you."

Birds were chirping gleefully during the open morning. A few stray rays managed to glean through the window, which woke up a now very grumpy Yukio.

But today, something was different from usual. This morning, Yukio felt as if something was holding him back from rising up from his bed. He turned his head to the right to find...cat ears?!

Well, that was quite a wake up call! Yukio looked further down to now see that a young boy with black hair with matching feline ears. They slightly quivered. Was he going to wake up?

Yukio held his breath as the cat boy's eyes opened to reveal topaz orbs with dilated slits. The stranger's face spread into a joyful grin.

"Good morning, Master."