This girl
She is my life
She claims to be hell
if that's the case
I want no heaven.
She says a thing
Does another
Doesn't she see?
The more she thinks
I will be hurt
She will try to prevent it
Only to cause it
In the end.

She claims to want me
to be together
And yet
she wishes it not.
Is this a truth?
That which she speaks
Or is she still afraid
Or is it that
she does not trust me, still

Every day
I cry
I die
a little more
on the inside.
Why can't she see
I am willing to give
for her.
If only, she would allow.

Life is full of tricks
and mystery.
The inner workings
of her mind
confuse me.
Yet, I continue
To stay by her side
She feels she does not
deserve it.
I know
that she does.

What do I have left?
absolutely nothing
is right.
I care for her
I love her smile
I love when she is happy
I tend to wish
and dream
That I am the one
Causing her to smile
But that dream
Is a nightmare
it seems improbable

As I know
It is unreal
and can never be

So I wake, and feel tears
That which I must hide.
Fears, That won't subside
Nobody hears my cry
I'm alone.
She is all I want
She's all that's left
I wonder, why I am alive

The world would be
much better
If I were not

My heart
My brain
I feel a rush
and my emotions rule
Every day
she claims to understand
How much I care
But she can't possibly
and if she does
Then I am surely nothing
Or she simply
does not know
that of what she does.

In the end
It all has the same outcome
Me, helpless.
But always forgiving
Always broken,
But still here, for her.
When will she know
I want what's best for her
I come last
She comes first
I would never cause her pain
I would never wrong her
But I guess
It's just not