The cool winter breeze blows freely over the snow covered fields

The starry night sky twinkles and shines over the rolling hills

A single primrose stands in the midst of the snow,

Its violet pedals giving contrast to the endless flow

And as the sun rises in the far east

Dew begins to form on the pedals and leaves

of that single primrose growing all alone

but one thing that you don't know

is that this plant is not as lonely as it may seem

and as the sun begins to slowly illuminate the colorful scene

the blossoms of many wild flowers and plants comes into view

the little primrose is now surrounded by many not few

many flowers to keep it happy and make it feel loved

but if you think about it the rose was never really alone and was always loved

it was just the shroud of darkness that was enveloped by the night

and that shroud created the illusion that the dark pedals of that single primrose against the bright white

of the snow was the only blossom that had grown.