The closest I'll get

I must let go

That's what I tell myself

Then he will be happy

Safe from my Hell

In the distance I watch

As another he holds

And I wish I could not feel

The hurt and betrayal

Because it's not his fault

Simply it isn't

For I am the fool

Who so caught up in torment

Forgot how to love him

And caused him pain

So this is what I deserve

When I push him away

I tried so hard

To show him I care

But it will never be enough

Because he needs so much more

Then to be submerged in my despair

I say a prayer at night

Hoping he's found love

Something that will be worth him

The treasure he is

She needs to love him for whom he is

And not see it too late like I

The mistakes I made

I hope inflict on him no more pain

I know he suffers

I want to hold and kiss him

But in truth

He is only mine at night

Words on the computer screen I realize

Are the closest I'll get to his embrace

And one day

If fate feels forgiving

I'll hold his hand

As he walks me to the gate