I believe in true love due to you my lady

Love, oh how can I explain, its just an amazing feeling

Love, you see love has intense power it's what made me

It's impossible to understand just what love can bring.

It is a feeling stronger then that of even hate

How could you ever understand what I say?

I could never predict this as the choice of fate

This passion the never-ending feeling makes my day.

The feeling may not always be happy

It may not always be like smelling flowers in a meadow

In the eyes of many it is worth it to be

In the feeling so wondrous you will not long be in a shadow.

After all this there's still so much more about love

There are so many things that love is, it's never ending

It is as if an angel has been sent from up above

There is no way to hate it so just stop pretending.

In love everybody has that one soul mate

Because everybody has someone they belong with

Love, the feeling of it can make you feel so great

It's amazing the feeling of love is more then a myth.

All other emotions are nothing when you compare

So many strong feelings yet this overtakes them all

You will always know that your soul mate does care

All it takes to cheer you up after a bad day is just one call.

When your eyes meet it's a beautiful moment

Nobody else is there, just the two of you

The most beautiful love anyone could be sent

Just hold on and you will make it through.