This is the edited version of the prologue. Not much has been changed except a few sentences here and there.

I would like to say this just so there will be no misunderstanding, the blackborn is in no shape, way or form meant to be racist it is simply the symbol of white representing innocence and goodness while black is the color of evil and that is that.

I hope you all enjoy and until next time.


We are shape shifters, dragons that take the shape of humans to blend in with the rest of the world. The need to do that was eliminated centuries ago, now we just do it out of habit.
A long time ago there was one of the first of our kind who got so blinded by darkness and anger that he exterminated all the humans because he saw them as week beings that were not allowed nor privileged enough to live
. That man was called Haahreck. As the years went by the darkness became so strong that it consumed him and became a part of him so that even his scales became black, soon after more people joined him in his empire full of nothing but a black oblivion. These men raped the women from all of the seven kingdoms.
When the women had laid their eggs and it was finally time for them to hatch some of them were born black. Normal babies are always born white scaled and the older and stronger they get the darker the scales become. When there someone was born black either the mothers killed the new born baby before they could even make a sound because a Blackborn toddler is about a thousand times stronger than a full grown dark-scaled male. Others who are not able to live with themselves if they killed their own children give away their children to the Blackborns (before they collect them, that is). The Blackborns strive to collect all of the Blackborn babies before either the mothers or other people kill them to expand their people to later finally take over all of the seven kingdoms.
Then there are people like my mother.
19 years ago she fell in love with a man. This man was there for her when she had gotten lost in the woods after the tragedy of her husband's death and the miscarriage of her child. My mother was on the brink of death when this man took her to a cabin in the woods and nursed her back to health. She fell in love with the mysterious man and he helped her in more ways than one.
After another one of their blissful nights together my mother woke up alone with a note that said:

Dear Márika.
You shall not believe for a second that I have left you after I got what I wanted.
There will never be anybody like you in my life ever again.
Sadly I have to return to my people and it hurts me to say that we will never meet again.
I can only hope and pray that you will be able to move on and find happiness.
Though, deep within, I hope that there won't be another man in your life, that I have stolen your heart just like you have stolen mine.
Yours truly, Mordunago

The moment she had read the note she heard the front door open so she ran to be able to catch her lover before he left her forever. The moment she came to the opening of the little cabin she saw Mordunago transform into the biggest Blackborn she had ever seen in her entire life.
A few months later she had returned to her village but she had also found out that she was pregnant. Since she had lost her baby a few days before the incident in the woods she saw this as a sign and kept the baby even though there was a high chance it would be a Blackborn. Seven months later a little baby was hatched. To her horror it was a Blackborn but also a girl. Never in all of the seven kingdoms history has a Blackborn girl been born. Since she knew about the prophecy about a Blackborn woman who joined the Blackborns and put the entire world in eternal darkness she decided to hide the young baby and herself. She taught the young girl to control her anger so she would never accidentally turn and reveal their secret. They never stayed in a village more than a year or two in fear of people getting suspicious.
She named the girl Tánickra, that girl is me and this is my story.