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Chapter 1 Discovered

"No! I won't be someone's bride! I refuse! It's not fair that the so called men gets to choose their female but we have no say in it. Since you have forced me not to be around nor talk with anyone no one with even half the brain or someone that's at least stronger than a toddler would never choose me!
I will probably be the last female chosen. Thankfully there are more males than females so at least the one who chooses me won't be the weakest. But still, I won't tolerate this!
This competition to find out the strongest dragon that in turn gets to choose the one he wants for a mate first, then the next one and so on. We aren't savages! Us females, us womenshould at least have a say in all this shit!"
My mother was taken aback by my sudden outburst.
She started to say something but I cut her off.
"No!" I snarled "don't even try to explain something or say anything to make it better.
It. Won't. Work.
There's only one guy that I've even had a conversation with and he's the most popular guy in school. There's no way he'd choose me and all the other guys ever do is make fun of me or bully me because they've never seen my true form so they all think I'm a fucking white one. I know that's what we- no, what you wanted but it still pisses me off to no end. I'm sorry mother but I need to calm down right now if I'm supposed to even be able to go to the competition tomorrow.
I'll be back before dawn." The last sentence was more of a whisper than my almost screaming voice before.
My mother knew that once I needed to calm down and be alone she can't do anything to stop me not unless she wants me to go on a rampage and destroy the entire city.
If she pushes my buttons too much (like this whole thing being chosen like some kind of object by the 'men') she, more than anyone, knows that I would snap.
Once I've snapped and goes on a rampage there is almost nothing that can stop me. Like I said before, if that would have happened the entire city would be in ruins and that would destroy everything she'd been working on and everything she'd accomplished in almost 18 years.

The house – just like all the other houses and cottages before it – was stationed just beside a large forest and I knew exactly where I could go without anyone seeing me.
That place was the deepest and darkest place of the forest.

The big trees had grown to the size where they created almost a roof of leaves and branches over the big glade that looked like it almost was made for me to train in.
I could, with ease, be in my true form there.
In the actual glade there was a small creek flowing through since the big waterfall was only a few slaps with your wings away.
There were huge rock and boulders and I had also made a little hut perfect for me to sleep in.

It was quite tricky for me to actually get to the glade since it was surrounded with thicket and bushes loaded with sharp and deadly thorns.
That was, of course, not the first time that I went to that place so I had learned the best way to the secluded glide. It was not a path of any sort but it was the way where the thicket and thorns were not as thick.

Once I was inside the glad – my safe haven – I, full of rage, transformed without a second thought.
I felt the adrenalin rushing through my veins as I took off from the ground in one swift motion.

While normal dragons have the power to breathe fire I have the ability to spit acid.
An acid that burns and melt anything it comes in contact with.
I had also worked with my special 'talent' which made me able to turn it into a deadly poison.
If I were to spit out only a small amount of acid on those trees or bushes it would not burn or melt them, no, the objects, of which are exposed to my acid, would slowly start to rot from the inside and out. The acid is absorbed from the surface and slowly and painfully kills the victim without mercy.

As I continued to take out my anger and frustration on the glade, like I'd never done before, with slaps from my spiked tail or corrosive acid I suddenly saw something in the corner of my eye.
My wings came to an abrupt halt and I looked towards the source of what had caught my eye.
There, through a hole in the 'roof' of the glide me ice blue eye met a golden topaz eye that belonged to a Blackborn seeker – the ones that have the task of finding new born Blackborns.
The only thing that went through my head as I realized that he must have seen everything from the moment I transformed up until that moment was fuck.

Without thinking I dashed for the thicket and just mere seconds before I crashed into it I transformed back to my human form and sprinted all the way home.

As I reached my house I was out of breath, had cuts all over my arms, face and legs – which would've killed me if I were a normal dragon, even if the poison in the thorns sting it does not kill me – and I could feel how the panic of my discovery slowly started to crawl to the surface.
I just hoped that everything would go as planned on the tournament the following day and that the seeker wouldn't report back to his leader about my position and existence.
But who was I kidding?

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