Long ago, the Earth was invaded by an ancient evil. The Army of Darkness, or the demons of Hell itself. This army was led by King Darkanos, who is said to be the most powerful being who ever lived. For countless of years, he waited in darkness for his time to strike, training vigorously for the task at hand. Until finally, on a stormy night, the king and his army targeted a small city almost no one knew about, Gyro City.

Gyro City wasn't really known for any strong fighters, it was a city of peace. Which also made the city very vulnerable. The residents were not expecting any action. So when the time finally came, it was already too late for them.

The invasion became more of a massacre. Many innocent people died, and it seemed that King Darkanos was one step closer to ruling the Earth. The city gathered its strongest fighters, but it was still to no avail. The strongest of warriors available fell to the power and might of King Darkanos. One fighter stood out above the rest though. He was a man known as Raiyo. Now Raiyo was part of a group of friends who always tried to improve their fighting skills, but the training wasn't enough, and his friends perished at the hand of King Darkanos.

Raiyo approached him with a purpose. To avenge his fallen friends and protect his hometown. He knew the stakes were high and that it was going to be his toughest challenge he ever had. His emotions running wild, Raiyo rushed the king. King Darkanos was able to counter this, and control almost the battle. Things looked pretty grim for Earth, until Raiyo revealed his trump card. He had previous training with angel-like being, which allowed him to use attacks with his pure heart. He harnessed this energy into a single attack, counteracting the evil energy in King Darkanos. The king uttered these words before returning to the fiery depths of Hell. "Foolish human, you only prolonged the inevitable. We will return one day, andnext time, you won't be so lucky."

Raiyo held these words in his mind for many years, and still no invasion happened. During the time period, he has even mastered his own dojo, preparing the new breed of fighters for the upcoming invasion. Preparing them, for the Day Of Reckoning.