The Training Begins

"Well sir," a nurse said while taking off Jakel's bandages. "It's about time for you to leave. Your arm is all better now."

Jakel moved his arm a bit. "Thanks for your help," he said. "It feels like I was completely untouched." Jakel slowly got up from his hospital bed, and then he suddenly realized something.

"Hey, miss."

"Yes, what is it? "

"Exactly how long have I been in the hospital?"

"Hmm..." the nurse thought for a moment. "You been in here for exactly three months."

"Three months!" Jakel screamed out.

"Is something wrong?" the nurse asked as her ears were rung.

"I've been in here for way to long! I have to start my training right away!" He then ran out of the hospital, leaving the nurse in total confusion."

As this was going on, Raiyo and his students were taking it easy today. They all sat in the main room, on the floor, just thinking. That is until the silence was broken.

"Master Raiyo," Darek began to say. "With the stakes so high, shouldn't we be training right now?"

Raiyo opened his eyes. "Jakel should be leaving the hospital soon," he replied. "We will wait for him to return, then or training will start up again."

After explaining the plan to Darek, it was completely silent. Everyone awaited the arrival of Jakel. The minutes grew longer and longer, and everyone began to grow impatient. Finally, Darek decided to get up, and began heading for the door.

"Where are you going?" Raiyo asked.

"I'm going to go to the hospital," Darek replied. "Jakel is taking way too long getting home. I'm going to see if he's still there."

Just as Darek made his way to the door, it flung open, pressing against the wall.
Raiyo and Josh looked towards the sound of the door slamming and Darek's heavy grunt. Jakel had returned.

"Master Raiyo! Master Raiyo," Jakel yelled out. "I'm all better now and I'm prepared for my training."

"Uhh..." Raiyo was speechless, seeing one of his students getting slammed against the door.

Jakel looked around the room in total confusion. He saw his master and Josh, but no sign of Darek. "Master Raiyo, where's Darek?"

Just as he said this, a completely red aura appeared from behind the door, flinging it back to its original position. Jakel turned around facing an angry-looking Darek.

"Is this some kind of joke," Darek yelled out. "Slamming the door on me like that!?"

"How was I supposed to know you were there!?" Jakel yelled back.

"Maybe you should knock before you come in!"

"I shouldn't have to knock, I live here!"

Raiyo sighed heavily, still listening to his two students bicker. He picked up his cane and got up, walking slowly towards his students. Once he got there, Jakel and Darek were still arguing. Raiyo heard enough of this, and whacked both Jakel and Darek with his cane.

"That's enough you two." Raiyo said to them.

Jakel rubbed his head in pain. "Sorry Master Raiyo." After arguing with Darek, Jakel noticed something different about him. He wore his usual black and red leather jacket, but he noticed that he also now had a sheath, along with a sword.

"Woah," Jakel said. "Cool sword Darek. You think you'll let me use it?"

"Hmph! The last thing I need is you flailing it around like a child's play toy."

Jakel turned to his master. "Do you think I can get a weapon too?"

"Maybe another time Jakel," Raiyo replied. "But for now, we have some business to take care of. Remember that same forest where you fought that demon?"

"Yes." Jakel replied.

"Well, my training won't be enough to prepare you all for what's in store. Therefor, Darek and Joshua will have survival training in the forest for at least a whole year."

Jakel scratched his head in confusion. Not only did this seem like bad parenting skills, but what would he do for his training. "Well, am I gonna do any survival?"

"No, I will inform you of your training, but for now, let's go and get everything situated."

While walking through the city, Jakel still pondered about what his training would be. He just had to know. "Master Raiyo," he began talking. "If i'm not staying in the forest with Darek and Josh, what exactly am I'm going to do for training?"

"Jakel, do you believe in angels?" Raiyo replied.

"I fought with a demon from Hell who probably moves faster than my eyes can blink. Nothing is really gonna surprise me anymore."

"Remember when I told you that story about how I beat the demon King Darkanos?"

"Yes, you said that your good heart was able counter his evil heart."

"Yes, but if I just relied on my good heart, I don't think I would have been able to defeat him. Not only are angels real, but I was trained by them. They taught me how to harness my light aura, which is almost unstoppable against evil forces. Hopefully you can receive the same training I had years ago."

"So, did you train in Heaven?"


"And how did you get up there?"

Finally reaching the forest, Raiyo pointed towards a trail leading to the peak of a mountain. "That trail will lead you to a shrine on the very top of the mountain. That is the only way to enter and exit Heaven."

"Alright then, I guess I'm off now. I have to make up for the time I lost." Jakel quickly dashed towards the mountain, waving goodbye to his master.

"Well then, I must be departing soon also." He said to Darek and Josh. "Goodbye my students." He turned to walk back to the dojo, and saw only Josh, not Darek. "Joshua, where is Darek?" Josh shrugged his shoulders.

"Sorry about that Master Raiyo." a voice called out. Raiyo turned around and saw Darek dragging a dead bear. "I decided to get an early jump on collecting food."

Raiyo sweat dropped. "I think you can handle this yourself," he said. "I'll be leaving now." With that he turned towards the city and began making his way back to his dojo.

After about an hour, Jakel reached the top of the mountain. "Finally," he paused to catch his breath as he was panting heavily. "I made it to the top." He took a look at his surrounding, and noticed the shrine that Raiyo was talking to him about. "That must be the place." He rushed into the shrine, and looked in awe.

The shrine resembled any normal one, except a giant statue stood in the middle of it. Jakel walked up to it and saw a message inscribed at the bottom of the statue. "The hero of light." He read aloud. He looked up at the statue and saw that it resembled a person, with a cross on his forehead. "Huh, seems like he was a weird guy. Now how do I get to Heaven? There must be something on this statue that tells me what to do." He said as he dusted the statue off, seeing if anything was there. Touching the statue caused it to glow a vibrant light blue. It blinded Jakel's eyes as he tried opening them to see what was going on, but before he could even say anything, he vanished.