I don't believe in miracles (Doubt)

Look around you, and tell me

How can you still believe in God

When war rages, destroying our country,

And poverty is our grim reality.

Where is your Almighty Lord?

Does He not hear the cries of the children?

The prayers of the mothers, the suffering of the soldiers?

Has He turned a blind eye to the miseries of this world?

What did He do to deserve your faith?

Your complete, unwavering devotion.

When the arms will cease their fires,

And bodies will stop littering the grounds.

When the kids will have to eat,

And the mothers' tears will dry,

Then, you can come and tell me about your God.

As for now, let me be,

For my rage and pain are too great,

And I've become deaf to your words.

Believe (Faith)

Life itself, already, is a miracle.

When a child comes into this world,

It brings happiness, and this little bundle of joy

Is, like you and me, a creation of God.

He who made us, humans, capable

Of love and elation, of pain and suffering.

For how can we value the good times,

If we were to never experience hardships?

Yes, our times are bleak.

Our children go to bed hungry,

Our mothers weep every night,

And our soldiers sacrifice their lives.

But, for them, you ought to be strong; you ought to keep faith,

And hope that misery will end, and life will smile at us again.

Look around, and see the beauty

Of the healing rain, the soothing flowers.

He is in everything that surrounds us:

In the bird that soars high and free,

In the graceful wind, in the mighty tree.

He is in you and me.