Black Leather Jacket

There is an urban legend about Sonya Artisan. At three o' clock in the afternoon on Maize Rd. you'll see her walking. What's so interesting about her is that she doesn't wear workout clothes like most people would do when they walk. Instead she would wear jeans with black boots and a fedora hat but, what was really awesome on her was her black leather jacket with a two buttons on her collar. The first button was pentagram star and the other had words that said, Listen to the King.

People have driven by then went back just to see her only she disappeared. Sometimes they offered her a ride only to be turned down, "I don't ride with strangers," she would say then walk off. The ones that were lucky to actually talk to her were the ones that walked with her which was rare and were surprised how friendly she was. One witness asked what Listen to the King meant and her response was, "Stephen King once said that Stephanie Mayer's writing is crap and I believe it and you should to."

By hearing these stories one would have thought she was alive if you were new in town but, for the locals everyone new she was dead.


Lisa Melton was new in town. It was three o' clock on Maize Rd. and she was looking for that garage sale she saw on the paper. She knew she was getting close then she saw the sign pointing to her right. It didn't take long to find out which house it was with all it useless treasures out on front of the house. There was about five cars there with people looking about. At least the place isn't too crowded, she thought.

Lisa loved garage sales, her mother use to take her to them all the time. "There's always something unexpected," her mother once said. Indeed there were lots of unexpected things like jewelry from the time before the French Revolution, an original copy from Mark Twain, and the most prized in her mother's collection was a china set from the time of Queen Victoria. After her mother died Lisa picked up her mother's habit of collecting things of value.

Of course, things of value were hard to find. Most of it was stuff that was almost useless like coffee pots or broken blenders. She was about to leave when from the corner of her eye she saw a black leather jacket with two buttons on the collar. She picked up the jacket with awe. Lisa's father was a biker and she loved the smell of leather. She put the jacket to her nose; it smelt of real leather mixed with a perfume scent. Lisa always wanted a leather jacket but, didn't have the money to buy something with real leather. It was love at first sight when she saw this jacket. I have to have it, she thought.

"How much for this jacket?" she asked the owner. The owner looked at the jacket with hesitation. He knew about Sonya Artisan but, he needed the money to pay the bills and it was dumb luck that he found it in the basement. He smiled at the woman and said, "50 bucks." Gladly the woman handed over a fifty dollar bill and was on her way to try on her new jacket.

After Lisa went home with her prize the next day when the locals were expecting Sonya to walk at three o' clock….she didn't show up.


Lisa was in front of the mirror with the new jacket on her. It fit perfectly on her and it was great for a night out. There was only one problem: The two buttons. She tried everything to get those ridiculous things off with no success. She didn't want to cut them off the leather, fine leather like that isn't meant to be cut but then again she could always sew it up.

Lisa went to the drawer with scissors and a needle with thread. Her first cut was the pentagram. When she was about to cut it out the scissors went flying out of her hand all the way to the book case. Lisa sat there bewildered by what just happened. After a moment she shook her head. It was a spasm, she thought to herself repeatedly. She put the jacket down and went to the scissors then looked back at the jacket. Suddenly she felt uneasy being with it or in that case wearing it. "Maybe I'll wear something else," she said to herself uneasily then went out on the town.


She went back home a little buzzed from the margaritas she had tonight. With her was a stranger she picked up from the bar. She didn't know his name but, he was drop dead gorgeous and she wanted to ride him like a horse. When she opened that door her giggling stopped in her throat at what happened in her house. It was totally trashed with fine broken china and paper everywhere. "Whoa….what happened to your place?" he asked. Lisa didn't answer at first she thought it was some type of break in until her eyes came across the jacket. The jacket was fine, it was the scissors right next to it that disturbed her.

The scissors themselves was stabbing a book that was ripped to shreds already. She pulled the scissors away were it was stabbing Twilight. "What are you doing with this?" he asked shocked. At first she didn't know what he meant until she saw him holding the leather jacket. He looked at her as if she had stolen something.

"Did you steal this?"

" No….I got it from a garage sale," she said surprise the tone of his voice. He looked back at her then back at the jacket then back at her again. "If I were you," he said handing her the jacket "I'd return it." Just when he was about to leave he turned around and said, "By the way…..she hates Twilight she told me herself," then he left. She ran after him to ask who she was and he said the name, "Sonya Artisan."


Lisa went to the local library. She typed in the name 'Sonya Artisan'. She was surprised and horrified by what she saw. Sonya Artisan was 20 when she died. She got in a fight with her father and stepmother then left the house at three o' clock in the afternoon only to return to be killed by her stepmother. Her stepmother was put on trial for her murder only to get away free with 'manslaughter'. Her father divorced her after that but, the stepmother didn't seem to mind. The most shocking part about this was she died a month later by suicide in the garage. She was wearing a black leather jacket with the two buttons.

After she saw the picture she turned the computer off and went back to her car. Once I get home I'm going to get rid of that jacket, she thought. While she was driving Sonya was on her mind. When she was on Maize Rd. at three o' clock she looked in her rear view mirror to see Sonya in the back seat. Lisa stomped on the breaks almost causing a wreck. She looked at the back seat to find no one was there.


She made it home in piece but, barely. Lisa was shaken by what she saw on the road. Quickly she went into her place where the jacket was. She tried to cut it up, tried to set it on fire, tried to throw it way but, the jacket always came back unharmed. It was night time when Lisa had the jacket in her hands. She heard something in her bathroom. At first she thought someone broke in. When she opened the door she wanted to scream. It was Sonya Artisan with her hand on the sink with a smile on her face. "Excuse me, miss but, I do believe you have something of mine."