Screams pierced the air as a young man strapped to an operating table thrashed, pulling at the restraints. His eyes rolled into his head as his veins bulged, glowing green with a mysterious force. Suddenly, he ripped free of the bindings and collapsed of the floor, flailing, before finally jerking several times and falling still.

"Such a pity, this time we injected 150% of Solution X hoping that he would be healed by it," a sallow man wearing an immaculate white lab coat pushed his thin wire-framed glasses up is hooked nose.

"Yes, we've wasted 9815 doses so far, yet every single patient so far hasn't been able to withstand the pain," A delicate looking woman brushed aside a stray lock of her golden hair.

"However, I did notice he broke the steel-zinthanium* alloy we developed. This feat of strength has never been observed before."

"I do believe that was when the solution fully integrated within his system and took effect." The woman scribbled several notes with her e-pen.

"Shall we try administering a dose of pain reliever next time?"

"You know perfectly well that pain reliever nullifies the effect of the solution."

"But we could increase the dosage of Solution X again."

"Fine. But this time you're paying for it," she walked out of the room before the man could respond, her high heels clacking on the floor loudly.

"Women," he muttered under his breath.

* I made it up – fake element