I'm not sure if I like this. That's why I'm posting it to see what you think. I'm looking for ideas to make this a really interesting story about a girl diagnosed with autism. Yes, I do have it myself. I want to make it a really great story that will help people understand us better.

It was the second week of high school. Things just weren't going the way I had hoped they would. There were noises all around me. Students were talking, papers shuffled, pages flipped in text books and many other things surrounded me.

I wanted to scream so loudly, but my voice wouldn't make a sound. I felt my body rocking back and forth as I covered my ears. I closed my eyes, trying to filter the things occurring around me.

"M-Make it stop!" I finally yelled, causing the teacher to glare at me like I did something wrong.

"Alexia, please be quiet! There are other students trying to do their work!" he scolded me as I rocked even harder.

I didn't know what was happening to me, but I felt like my body was on fire. I just had these feeling that I was going to lose my mind. I stood up and ran out of the room, causing the teacher to get up and chase me.

"Go away!" I yelled as he got hold of my arm.

I screamed in pain and yanked away from him quickly. I wasn't sure why I hated being touched. It just felt painful to me, like million needles poking right into my skin.

"You need to come back to class before I send you to the principal's office for your behavior!" he scolded me again.

"No! It's too noisy!" I paced back and forth, whimpering and trying to calm myself.

"If you aren't going to listen to me, then march yourself to the principal's office!" he grabbed my arm and dragged me towards the office.

I screamed and tried to yank away from him while feeling the tingling pain in my arm. We finally got to the principal's office when my teacher explained everything. The principal looked at my like I was some troubled teenager, acting out for attention.

"I'm going to give your mother a call. This is the fourth time this week you've acted out! That's why I'm suspending you for a few days before you hurt someone..." he replied as he dialed my mother's number.

I couldn't believe everyone thought I was getting aggressive. If you knew me like my mother did, I wouldn't harm even a fly. I mean that literally; I have actually caught flies and bugs, with no fear and let them free outside.

I didn't have any friends to bail me out, being as socially awkward as I was. Everyone considered me to be the freak, the nobody and the oddball obsessed with trains.

I loved trains more than anything. I had books on trains, model trains on shelves and whatever else had represented them. I talked non-stop about them like they were my only topic to discuss.

"Hi. Is this Mrs. Lockhart?" the principal asked once my mom had answered the phone.

"Yes. This is her speaking to you. Is there a problem?" she blinked and started to frown.

"I have your daughter in my office..." he told her as he explained everything to her on the phone.

I looked down in shame, wondering what she was saying to him. I couldn't believe I was considered such a bad child. I was really just misunderstood, like I needed someone to make sense of everything.

"Okay. She'll be here in my office when you get here. I'll see you soon. Goodbye." he hung up and stared right at me, watching me as I glared around the room.

The principal had two filing cabinets standing behind him. His desk was neatly ordered, without a single thing out of place. The walls were bare except for the plaques hanging behind him.

"Why do you keep coming into my office with all these sudden temper tantrums?" he finally asked me, despite refusing his eye contact.

I sat there looking around the room, even the floor as I rocked back and forth. This was the only way I felt like I could calm myself, at least for a little while.

"I...I don't know. I don't know...what's wrong...with me..." I frowned and continued rocking.

"These behaviors of yours have got to stop!" he yelled as I covered my ears and rocked myself harder.

I hated loud noises, even when people would yell at me. I always felt an echoed burning sensation from my ears. If there were more noises happening at once, my whole body would go numb, causing me to 'act out'. That's what my teachers and the principal had called these odd temper tantrums.

My mom finally arrived and took a seat beside me. I looked up at her without showing any expression, yet felt like the opposite inside. It wasn't because I had no empathy, but I had trouble expressing myself like everyone else.

"I'm glad you could join us, Mrs. Lockhart. This is the fourth temper tantrum your daughter has had these past two weeks. We can't have her showing aggression towards others." he explained to her when she sighed.

"Has she ever actually hit or injured someone during these sudden panic attacks?" mom asked him.

"Well, no... not exactly but... we can't take any chances." he said without really caring about the situation.

"Look, she's going to be seeing her psychiatrist about her results in about a week. Why can't you deal with these things until then?" she sighed and shook her head.

"Like I said, we can't take any chances..." the principal looked at me as I kept my eyes away, still rocking back and forth.

"So you're suspending her?!" mom questioned him in a furious tone.

"Only until she gets those results back..." he nodded as he exhaled.

"That's so absurd! You can't suspend her for behaviors that she can't help from doing!" she glared at him and couldn't believe the decision he had just made.

"I'm sorry..." the principal just shook his head.

"Let's go just go, Alexia. There's nothing more to be said here." she grabbed my arm, causing me to scream and yank away from her.

Mom just frowned at me, making sure I followed her to the car. I rocked back and forth in the passenger seat while my mom tried to buckle me in. Something was wrong with me, and I had no idea what...