This is just a filler chapter. Now I need to figure out what the case manager will tell her and her mother the next day. x_x If anyone wants to offer ideas, please do so. It would be a great help.

Dad finally came home from his business trip. Mom had been keeping him up to date on things at home, including my official diagnosis. It was good having him home. I knew without his job that we wouldn't be where we are.

I rocked back and forth at the bar counter, doing things in a third grade level workbook. This was part of my tutoring at home. I was homeschooled due to bullying and other struggles.

Mom didn't force me to do my work, not like my teachers always did. She made sure I was being productive at my own pace, without pushing me to finish something. My teachers really had no idea who to handle a child like me, considering how it took so long to get a final diagnosis.

My very first ones had been ADHD, global developmental delay and bipolar disorder, but those didn't seem right. Mom kept pushing them to keep checking for more, knowing there was something they weren't seeing.

"Are you done, Alexia?" mom asked me as she looked at my work and smiled. "You have two more problems to go." she told me while continuing to smile.

"No more!" I yelled as I slammed my hand on the counter.

"Okay, okay, then let's take a breather and finish later, alright?" she closed my book, leaving my pencil there to save my spot.

Mom had found a website online that specialized in workbooks for all grade levels, mainly used for homeschooling. I was doing math at a third grade level, reading and writing at a seventh grade level and science and history at a sixth grade level.

In the third grade level book, I zipped through everything but the math portions. Math was my most difficult subject to learn, making it hard for me to understand. The hardest for me was learning division, money, time, rounding and fractions.

I sat down at the couch while rocking back and forth again. My mind was set on other things, such as certain anxieties and odd thoughts that came through. This was one reason I rocked so much, to keep myself from going crazy.

"How's she doing?" dad asked as I listened to their conversation.

"She's doing well, but she has her days." mom shrugged while they stood there like I wasn't sitting right in front of them. "We have an appointment with a case manager tomorrow." she smiled at me as she tried to kiss my forehead.

I jerked away from her, like a bug had landed on me. I didn't shriek or scream, but I reacted in a negative way. I disliked being touched because it felt like a million needles were poking into my skin.

"I'm sorry, sweetie. I forgot you hate being touched..." mom frowned as she looked away.

I let out a sigh, wishing she would remember these things. It made me angry when she forgot. Though, I always kept my emotions to myself, finding it difficult to express them like everyone else.

"Daddy, Daddy!" Fiona replied as she clung to him. "I missed you, daddy!" she told him as he picked up my little sister and smiled.

"There's my sweet little girl!" dad tickled her as she started to giggle. "I missed all of my family, but I'm back now." he replied.

I turned on the TV to watch Spongebob, repeating the lines as they were said. I wasn't really sure why I did it so much, but it was something that did comfort me.

"No, this is patrick!" I repeated loudly as I rocked back and forth, looking away from the TV.

Everyone looked at me as I spoke out of the blue, not really sure what to make of this. Mom knew I repeated things all the time, so she just shrugged it off. Dad was a little more confused when I did this, seeing that he hadn't really been home to notice my sudden 'quirks'.

"It's just an everyday part of her diagnosis, sweetie." mom smiled at him as he placed Fiona on the floor. "Alexia, are you ready to finish your work yet?" she asked me.

"No!" I shook my head and frowned at her.

"Let me know when you are ready, okay?" she smiled at me. "I need you to get it done by the end of the day though." she reminded me as I gave a sigh.

I didn't really know what sorts of things would go for me. It was something I'd have to find out as time went on, making sense of my surroundings with every step I took.