If it makes you feel better

To make me feel bad

Go a head take a shot,

I'm sure you aren't the

Worst I've ever had.

You can yell you words

And curse till you

Think you think I'm


Say all the things

You've bottled up inside

Tell you wanted to spare me

But now it's time for the

Truth to fly,

Yeah, you make me

Feel bad

If it makes you feel better.

I apologized,

And you throw it in

My face and say its

All lies,

I say it's the truth

But that doesn't matter

To you,

What you need now

Is to tear me down.

You need to see

A tear on my face

And know you've put

Me in my place,

So you can make me

Feel bad,

If it makes you feel better.

You can talk down to me

Spew venomous things

But soon you're going to see

You just being petty

And this makes you

Smaller than me.

At least I'll have still

Have my dignity

But I can feel bad

If it makes you feel better.