Chapter 4: The Undead

Matt woke up with a start as he looked around in panic to only see his two new teammates or friends. Matt placed a hand on his bare chest and rubbed it like it was making it feel better.
"It was so real." Matt muttered to himself before getting up and putting on his new clothes and shoes before walking out of the cave. Matt sat down on the cave ledge and took in his surroundings. He was looking down on a beach with the sea as blue as his eyes waving calmly in the wind.
"It'll take some time to get used to." Chrissy reassured. Chrissy sat down next to Matt and both watched the sunrise over Tasmania.
"How do you know me?" Matt asked after a few moments of silence. Chrissy sighed to herself and looked at Matt with her blue eyes.
So you know I'm the Hero of Time, well I don't age." Chrissy explained, Matt took this information and had to think about it for a while.
"So, you have always been 16." Matt stated looking at the sun rise over the beach of Tasmania. Chrissy nodded slightly and looked at the sun.
"I've been following you since you entered Walkerville High School to keep you out of trouble." Chrissy explained. Matt looked on shocked and nodded a little bit and stared at Chrissy with his sea, blue eyes.
"Then I guess I have to thank you." Matt murmured placing a hand on his knee. Chrissy smiled a bit and stood up.
"C'mon we have to wake Ritchie and start making a boat." Chrissy explained walking back into the cave. Matt nodded and stood up and looked at the rising sun before turning back to the cave.

"So, what do we need?" Ritchie asked sitting on the beach. The trio left the cave and now we're looking at the sea which they had to cross to reach the south pole.
"We need boat stuff." Matt said looking at the ocean. The other two rolled their eyes and Ritchie picked up a stick and wrote a list of equipment in the sand.
"We need logs, rope, water, fish, eggs and mushrooms." Ritchie wrote down in the sand.
"The logs will be easy, we can just use our weapons." Chrissy began before Matt interrupted her.
"What weapons?" Matt asked confused, Chrissy and Ritchie looked at eachother and summoned their weapons. Ritchie's weapon was a staff with the a little tornado symbol on the top and Chrissy' weapon was crossbow with a clock on the top.
"How did you do that?" Matt asked shocked.
"It's easy, just put your hand out and think about your weapon." Chrissy explained, Matt nodded unassured and stuck his hand out and thought about a weapon to use to defend. When Matt opened his eyes, he saw a bow with lightning bolt marks on it and the string in a lightning bolt shape.
"Awesome, you got the Bow of Destiny." Chrissy claimed, Matt saw a tree in the distance and pulled the bow string back and a lightning arrow shone in the bow, Matt let the string go and the arrow shot off and sliced through the tree.
"Awesome." Matt exclaimed, Matt looked over to Chrissy and Ritchie who were already walking over to the log.
"Alright Chrissy, you get the food and drink, Ritchie you take the logs to the beach by the time we get enough logs Chrissy should be done." Matt ordered, Chrissy nodded and went off to the forest to get the food and drink.
"What will you do?" Ritchie asked Matt. Matt smirked and gripped the bow harder and chuckled.
"I'll get the trees down." Matt said shrugging. Matt and Ritchie walked to the trees and saw heaps of trees lined in a row.
"I bet I could hit all of them?" Matt bragged smirking.
"Go on then." Matt pulled out his bow and pulled the string back and the arrow reappeared in the bow and Matt let it go, the arrow shot through all of the trees and the trees fell over as Ritchie looked shocked.
"How the hell did you do that?" Ritchie asked. Matt shrugged and walked forward to the trees and tried to pick them up.
"How the hell are we going to get the logs back to the beach?" Matt asked. Ritchie smirked and summoned his staff and waved it around and the logs started rising and they combine together.
"Remember: Hero of Air."

"The raft actually looks good." Matt indicated. The trio had just finished the raft and now we're waiting for the last finishing touches.
"So when do we leave?" Ritchie asked Chrissy. Chrissy looked thoughtful and looked at Matt who was looking up in the sky.
"As soon as possible." Chrissy began before Chrissy looked at the sky and saw the sky turn blacker every time they look.
"The Undead are here." Chrissy whispered. They turned around and saw zombie-looking people coming through the forest destroying the trees and the plants.
"We have to get out of here." Ritchie yelled summoning his staff. Matt pulled the bow from his back and shot rapid arrows at the Undead making them disappear everytime the arrow hit.
"Theirs to many of them." Matt yelled out to his comrades. Chrissy vanished her crossbow and yelled for the two boys to get on the raft. The two followed orders and Chrissy turned around and waved her hands around like a clock.
"Time Stop." Chrissy yelled, the Undead stopped and Chrissy sighed in relief. She turned around and jumped on the raft where Matt and Ritchie started to paddle.
"Let's get out of here." Matt called out using a log they carved for paddle to paddle out to the sea, they looked around and saw the Undead move again and started to destroy the remainder of Tasmania.
"Well that was clo-." Matt didn't finished because Chrissy fell uncouncious leaving the paddle in the water.
"Chrissy!" Matt yelled out grabbing her before she fell in the water.
"She must of used to much energy." Ritchie explained. Matt nodded and layed Chrissy down on the raft and continued to paddle alongside Ritchie.