Chapter 5: We get attacked by a monster!

The weather dropped colder every time Matt or Ritchie pushed the paddle through the cold water of the ocean. The duo with Chrissy still recovering after the ambush from the Undead were in the ocean still trying to get to the south pole to retrieve the time stone.
"I wonder if Chrissy will wake soon." Matt spoke with fear in his voice. Ritchie took a look at the young girls sleeping figure and started to feel drowsy himself.
"Get to sleep, I'll paddle for now." Matt reassured himself, Ritchie tried to put up and argument but handed over the paddle to Matt who took it in his left hand and paddled with both hands using the paddles. Matt stared out at the ocean and his own blue eyes reflected off the ocean's water. Matt looked up at the sky and saw storm clouds appearing as they inched closer and closer to the South pole.
"What happened?" Chrissy asked weakly sitting up, Matt broke out of his daze and turned to see Chrissy sitting up looking around trying to find where they are.
"Ease yourself, Chrissy." Matt said putting the paddle's down on the top of the raft. Chrissy turned to Matt and shook her head now sitting up straighter. Matt explained to her how the Undead ambushed them and how she had been unconscious for a few hours.
"Can I ask you a question, Chrissy?" Matt asked looking out to the sea. Chrissy sat next to Matt and heard the soft snores of Ritchie.
"Why have you been following me?" Matt asked now staring into Chrissy crystal blue eyes. Chrissy sighed softly and placed a hand on Matt's knee.
"It's my job." Chrissy lied through her teeth, she wanted to tell Matt who his dad was and how he's still alive but it would break the secrecy code.
"Your lying." Matt stated, Chrissy looked down and mumbled something that only Matt could hear.
"You cant tell me!" Matt felt angry, this girl can't tell him why his country was destroyed by the Undead and what her job is.
"I'm sorry Matt but I cant." Chrissy whispered letting her shoulders flop lazily as she had given up on everything. Matt looked at Chrissy and softened up as he saw her figure looking so… broken.
"Hey." Matt began pulling her chin up to meet his eyes, the pair of blue eyes met the other as Chrissy was getting lost in Matt's eyes.
"It's not your fault, I'm just really stressed out at the moment." Matt finished looking at Chrissy smiling slightly.
"It is my fault though, I let your country be taken by the Undead because.." Chrissy voice suddenly died as she her eyes starting to water.
"Hey, it's not your fault." Matt said firmly grabbing hold of Chrissy's hand, Matt's warm hand covered Chrissy's cold one as she suddenly felt safe.
"Thanks Matt." Chrissy whispered smiling up at Matt, Matt nodded a little and put his head down next to her ear.
"You spent your whole life protecting me, Chrissy? Now it's my shot." Matt whispered as Chrissy smiled as she tightly hugged Matt.

"This weird." Ritchie stated as Matt and Chrissy turned to the 16 year old, they were all paddling now getting closer and closer to Evil's Den.
"We havet been attacked yet." Matt noticed looking around expecting something to attack them, suddenly a deafening roar rang out across the ocean.
"You had to jinx guys." Chrissy saracastically said, the two boys grinned nervously as the roar rang out across the ocean again.
"I don't like the sound of that!" Matt exclaimed summoning his bow and looking around for the monster.
"Maybe it's a ship." Ritchie offered before a three headed monster jumped out of the ocean and glaring at them manically.
"That's no ship." Matt said pulling his bow back. Chrissy summoned her crossbow as Ritchie summoned his staff and the trio faced the three headed lake dragon.
"How hard can it be?" Ritchie asked weakly as the middle head charged up a fireball and was about to shoot it. The dragon let the ball of fire go at the three heroes and Matt shot an arrow at the ball and the ball of fire disappeared.
"How do we destroy it?" Matt yelled over the crashing waves off the ocean and the wind.
"I have no idea." Chrissy yelled back as she shot a arrow to the dragon. Ritchie placed his palm out and summoned a ball of wind and threw it at the monster. The dragon was blown back and growled in annoyance.
"That didn't work." Matt sweat dropped as all of the heads charged up for their tri-attack, Matt looked at Chrissy and Ritchie and grabbed their hands.
"Don't let go." Matt whispered trying to stay brave. The trio closed their eyes as the dragon released it's final attack.