Dragon Rider Chronicles: 2
Looking for Chupacabra

Via woke up one spring day. She exited her house and went the brach where the dragons were sunbathing. Via lived in a small village on a volcanic island northwest of the nation of Draconia: The Land of Dragons and Riders. Today Via and a few of her fellow were going to Mexico to look for the Chupacabra. Last summer Tracy had taken them up to Oregon to look for Bigfoot. The experience had left the riders wanting to go on more adventures. Via had chosen the Chupacabra.

Soon she reached the beach. There where many dragons there, either sunbathing or fishing. Via soon spotted her brown and black Whippertail, Viola.
"Hi Viola!" Via called. The dragons looked up and smiled. She got to her feet and came up to her rider.
"Are we going to Mexico today?" Viola asked.
"Yeah," said Via. "I just have to wait for the others to get up." Viola followed her rider back to her house, where Via saddled her up. Just then Tracy and her yellow and green Blackfang dragon, Piper, came up to them.
"Good morning," said Via.
"Hi," said Tracy, as she saddled Piper. "Are to ready for Mexico?"
"Yeah," said Via. "Where are the others?"
"They're saddling up," said Tracy. "Serenity is packing up our equipment."
"Okay," said Via. She put some food and camping gear into her saddlebags. She also packed her flashlight and an inferred camera. Tracy was adding her thermal imager and flashlight. They were soon joined by Sarah and her golden yellow Blackfang, Ember. They were all ready to go.
"Good morning," said Sarah. "I just talked to Aria, she said she's backing out of this one."
"Why?" Tracy asked. "It can't be about her encounter with Bigfoot can it?"
"No," said Sarah. "Eternity has Dragon Flu."
"Oh," said Via.
"Dave is looking for a seventh rider," said Sarah. Just then Stan joined them with his bright green Blackfang, Boa.
"Hello," said Via.
"Hi guys," said Stan. "Dave will join us in a minuet."
"Okay," said Tracy. "I'm going to go get Serenity and Draco." She mounted Piper and took off, heading towards the castle. Just then Dave approached them with his dark grey Whippertail, Flint. Following them was a dark red headed woman and a dark rust colored Blackfang.
"Hello gang," said Dave. "This is Kirstie and her dragon Scoria."
"Nice to meet you Kirstie," said Via.
"Nice to meet you," said Kirstie. "When are we leaving?"
"As soon as Tracy and Serenity return," said Via. Kirstie mounted Scoria, the other riders mounted their dragons. Soon Tracy landed beside them, followed by the first Dragon Rider Serenity and her green and blue dragon god, Draco. All the riders introduced themselves, and their dragons, to Kirstie. Then they took off heading southwest over the ocean.

The dragons flew in formation over the tropical waters. They soon saw land on the horizon.
"Look," said Tracy. "That's Florida."
"I've never been to Florida," said Serenity.
"I have," said Kirstie. "It's alway sunny and warm." The dragons picked up the pace. Via spotted boats down in the water.
"I love this place," said Tracy. "It's so warm."
"I beg Mexico is very similar," said Stan.
"I don't like Mexico," said Serenity. "Their food is too spicy and there's no greenery. At least no where we're going."
"Don't worry," said Via. "We won't be there long, I know where to find Chupacabra." The dragons were soon flying over a harbor.
"Look," said Serenity. She pointed at what looked like a launch pad. "What is that?"
"That's where NASA launches the Space Shuttle," said Kirstie. She steered Scoria closer to it. The others followed.
"I don't see and Space Shuttle," said Serenity.
"She's probably still being worked on," said Dave. "We can come back when she's ready to fly."
"I've seen it on TV," said Sarah. "It's really cool."
"Where dose the shuttle go?" Serenity asked.
"Into orbit," said Tracy. "Haven't you heard of the Space Shuttle?"
"No," said Serenity. The others looked shocked.
"Well now we're going to have to come back," said Dave. The dragons flew back into formation and continued onwards.
"Can we fly over Walt Disney World?" Kirstie asked.
"Sure," said Via. The dragons picked up the pace.

They soon lost sight of the ocean. The dragons flew lower over the trees. The riders could see the highway bellow.
"Look, over there," said Serenity. She pointed to a gold spire rising above the trees.
"That's Cinderella's Castle," said Kirstie. She steered Scoria towards the spire, the others followed. They flew over a huge lagoon. Ahead of them was The Magic Kingdom.
"Wow," said Serenity. "That's a big castle."
"Have you been to Disney World before?" Tracy asked Serenity.
"No I haven't done a lot of traveling," said Serenity. The dragons flew even lower as they reached the other side of the lake. The castle sat at the end of a long street. There were people everywhere.
"How about we give you a quick tour before we press on?" Stan offered Serenity. "We're in no hurry."
"Okay," said Serenity.
"We'll land at the castle," said Via. The dragons descended and landed in front of the towering castle. Serenity looked up at it.
"That looks our castle back home," she said. "Only it's not a mountain."
"Yeah, but that's not a real castle," said Kirstie. "It's made of steel and fiberglass."
"Can we go inside it?" Serenity asked.
"No," said Kirstie. "I don't think so." She steered Scoria towards the long street.
"It smell go here," said Serenity.
"It comes from those shops," said Kirstie. She pointed to the little shops that lined the street.
"That's Main Street," said Dave. "We'll have to leave the dragons at the castle, the street is too crowded for them." The riders dismounted and the dragons flew off. They flew to the top of the castle and perched on the spires. The riders walked down the street. They looked at the shops and street cars. When they reached the end of the street they turned around and walked up the other side.
"This place is amazing," said Serenity.
"Yeah, it's really big too," said Kirstie. "There are three other parks, two water parks, and loads of resort hotels."
"Wow," said Serenity. They reached the castle again and turned right. They walked under a gateway.
"This is Tomorrowland," said Kirstie. "And that's Space Mountain." She pointed to a huge, round, white building.
"It's one of the oldest roller coasters in the world," said Via. They walked on through Tomorrowland and came out behind the castle.
"This is Fantasyland," said Kirstie. Serenity could see their dragons on the castle's spires. The riders walked through Fantasyland, passed a big carousel, to what looked like New Orleans.
"This is Liberty Square," said Tracy. "That's the Haunted Mansion." She pointed to a huge house beside a wide river.
"Is it really haunted?" Serenity asked.
"No," said Tracy. "It's all robots and tape recorders."
"Look the Mark Twain," said Sarah. She pointed to a tall, white riverboat pulling into port. They walked along the river until they saw a tall mountain.
"This is Frontier Land," said Kirstie. Suddenly there came screams from the mountain and from the attraction beside it.
"That's Thunder Mountain," said Dave, pointing at the tall mountain.
"And that's Splash Mountain," said Stan, pointing to the attraction beside Thunder Mountain.
"That's not a much of a mountain," said Serenity. "It looks like a tall tree on a hill."
"Yeah, don't worry about it," said Stan, he sniffed. They walked on and soon left Frontier Land. They came into the last section of the park.
"This is Adevtureland," said Kirstie. They walked passed another river. This one had smaller boats.
"That's the Jungle Cruise," said Sarah. "And that is Pirates of the Caribbean." She pointed to an attraction that had a big sign out front that was in the shape of a mast and sail.
"They've made movies about that one," said Dave. "They have to keep updating the ride every time a new movie comes out."
"Cool," said Serenity.
"Well that's the Magic Kingdom," said Kirstie.
"It's nice," said Serenity. "But after living in Draconia, I'm not very impressed by it."
"Really?" Kirstie asked as the went back to the castle. "I think it's a fun place."
"I agree it's fun," said Serenity. "But it's fake, and I bet none of those roller coasters can compare to dragons riding." The others agreed. Then they called their dragons down.
"Time to go look for Chupacabra," said Via. The riders mounted their dragons.
"How come they can't see you?" Serenity asked Draco.
"I put a spell on these dragons," said Draco. "So we can hide in plain sight." The riders clicked the reins and took off heading west.