Chapter 4

The riders woke up and took down their camp. They packed it all up and loaded it onto their saddles. Then they mounted their dragons and took off. As they flew over Mexico they say two black trucks pulling horse trailers, followed by a red van.
"It must be nice for them," said Via. "Heading home after a week in the wilderness."
"Yeah," Tracy agreed. "We only have to stay one night."
"Very interesting family outing," said Stan. "Looking for Chupacabra, I would think an overnight trail rider would be more suitable."
"Yeah," Dave agreed. "Maybe this was an overnight ride for some of them, that's why the brought their horses."
"I can't wait do go on a ghost hunt," said Stan. "I've always wanted to see a ghost."
"Do you know anything about ghost hunting?" Kirstie asked.
"Yeah," said Stan. "One of my uncles was a paranormal investigator, he went on loads of ghost hunts. He taught me a few things."
"Cool," said Sarah.
"I've only seen ghost on TV," said Tracy.
"I've only seen a lot of these things on TV," said Sarah. "Bigfoot, Chupacabra, ghosts, UFOs, and Nessie."
"That's too bad," said Kirstie. "Seeing these things in person is really cool, isn't it?" The others agreed.

The dragons soon left Mexico and flew over the Gulf of Mexico. They were joined by a small white plane. Dave waved at the pilot, who waved back. When the plane turned to go, its right wing bumped into Piper's left wing. Piper yelped in pain. She flew away from the plane, followed by the other dragons. The plane wobbled, then turned away.
"That was close," said Tracy. "You okay Piper?"
"Yes, it just frightened me," said Piper.
"It looked like that plane hit her on purpose," said Sarah. "It wasn't being very careful with its wing."
"I agree," said Dave. "He was way to close."
"Well he's gone now," said Serenity. "There's nothing we can do right now."
"Serenity's right," said Stan. "He didn't kill Piper, so we can let it go for now."
"Okay," said Tracy. "But I get the feeling no everyone likes dragons."
"Well that's why we're all here isn't it?" Dave said. "Because some people don't want to accept the dragons."
"I find it sad," said Serenity. The others agreed.
"We'll have to be carful around planes from now on," said Kirstie.
"Yeah," said Via.
"When should we go on our next adventure?" Sarah asked.
"Next month," said Stan.
"Sounds good," said Tracy.
"This'll be fun," said Sarah. "I love scaring myself."
"It's healthy for you," said Dave. "Same with laughing and crying, it helps clear your head."
"I'm happy to be with you guys," said Serenity. "I might as well say it now."
"Yeah," said Kirstie. "But when this is over, we're going to have to find our own adventures."
"We have a duty to the dragons," said Via.
"Where will we all go?" Sarah asked in a small voice.
"Wherever the king asks us to go," said Kirstie. "So after Loch Ness we won't see each other until the holidays."
"I find that sad too," said Serenity.
"We'll make new friends," said Via. "And maybe bring them to Draconia."
"Okay that makes my feel better," said Serenity. She smiled.
"I'm excited to meet new friends," said Tracy. The others agreed.

Soon the dragons left America and flew over the ocean. The sun got higher in the sky.
"Look," said Serenity. She pointed to a Humpback Whale spouting below them.
"Oh wow," said Via. "I love watching whales."
"Let's go say hello," said Tracy. The riders steered their dragons down to the whale. It rolled over and waved a long, white flipper at them. The riders waved back. The whale rolled back upright and dived. They saw its huge tails slide into the water.
"Whales are so beautiful," said Serenity. "Maybe the king will send one of us to stop whalers from killing them."
"Yeah," said Via. "One of us should put in a special request."
"I'll do it," said Dave. Just then the whale breached right in front of them. It rolled over in the air and splashed, back first, into the water. It slapped the water with its tail and vanished.
"That was awesome," said Dave in hushed voice.
"How do they do that?" Via asked, as the dragons flew onward.
"That's one of Nature's mysteries," said Serenity.
"Why do they do that? That's what I want to know," said Sarah.
"Because it's fun," said Serenity. "Same reason humans play sports."
"That makes sense," said Kirstie. The dragons flew higher over the ocean. They flew over a fleet of Navy vessels and a few jets flew by.
"Man! I'm glad we don't have to fight those," said Serenity.
"Yeah," said Tracy. "I remember that battle with the Navy, it was intense."
"Every nation has to get independence somehow," said Dave.
"We also go respect from the Navy after that battle," said Tracy.
"I don't like war," said Serenity.
"No one likes war," said Kirstie. "But it's necessary sometimes."
"And Draconia hasn't had a war since that battle," said Tracy.
"I want to keep it that way," said Serenity. The others agreed.
"I wonder where the king will send us," said Via, changing the subject.
"I hope it's somewhere cool," said Stan. "We're going to have to live abroad for most of he year and I don't want to be slapped in some boring job catching wild animals."
"Yeah," Dave agreed. "Something like FBI work, or ecoterrorism."
"I'd rather be a dragon medic," said Serenity. The two men rolled their eyes.
"I want to look after orphaned eggs," said Sarah.
"I want to be a dragon breeder," said Tracy. They all fell silent, thinking about where the king would send them at the end of the year. The dragons flew on, and soon Draconia came into view.