The Precipice

(An Excerpt)

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There was only darkness and desolation

It was thickly permeate in the air.

Both had begun to cripple me to the core.

It rippled within me, twisting, and wreaking havoc on my nerves and senses.

The sharp tip of one of my canines slid through the soft flesh of my bottom lip and was accompanied by a sting. The tang of iron, copper and briny salt was sharp in my mouth.

My ears rang piercingly from the deafening silence around me.

I curled further into myself as if to get closer to my own body and closer to the wall my back rested on.

My eyes darted across the slit of light peeking through the crack in the door. It was pouring through the window into the connecting room, slithering right past into this small space.

I was confined in a small room with three thin walls and one, practically thin, wooden door.

The light of the moon peeking through underneath the door was my only source of light.

I in no way felt safer then I would out in the open.

The sensation of not being alone was prominent within me; it felt as if the shadows were calling to me, watching me somewhere within the depths.

Beyond this door, beyond this room even I could feel that presence.

Fear was my foe's crony.

Intimidation was their companion.

Insanity and madness was their ally.

Here I was, being subjugated to one out of three…for now.

The last two would come in time, I was not naïve.

I was just too damn helpless.

I was fragile.

I was weak.

I was very much alone.

I was only human.

I could only react to what was happening as if I were fixed to this scene I must portray.

I couldn't help myself.

A creak brought a rush of icy fear in the form of nettles piercing my veins, chilling my blood stream.

My heart prickled and my chest tightened as my throat began to close up. My breaths began to grow ragged, leaving in gasps at a quickened rate.

Everything began feel hazy and surreal, my vision beginning to become almost misty, murky.

Footsteps sounded slow, and hauntingly echoed in my ringing ears. This was the taunting part, this was the intimidation, and this was fear.

My heart picked up, racing desperately and achingly against my ribcage with a loud thud, thud, in my ringing ears.

I felt my body shake in horror, grounding me to the spot.

I was unable to move.

My arms wrapped around my body as if to hold myself together amidst the terror my body was racked with.

At the squeak of the doorknob, my head shot up, my eyes wide awaiting the appearance of my offender.

I prayed it was someone else that this was even just a dream but I knew better. For this to be a simple nightmare would be a dream come true right now.

As the door creaked slowly and agonizingly, my heart raced even further and adrenaline burned through my veins causing the urge to flee to burn stronger in my legs and my arms.

It was much too late.

Gritting my teeth, my vision began to clear and sharpen.

Shadows ebbed away slowly before me, revealing the star villain.

My very own, antagonist.

Crimson eyes glimmered with fire and malicious poison, the pupils dilated, observing me with mirth.

A Cheshire grin graced the features of my assailant; it was just like playing cat with a mouse. The whites of the sharp looking incisors caused a shiver to surge through my body at the demonic, wicked, and villainous expression.

My breaths grew shallower as he took a step closer, in a relatively baiting way.

Terror marred my features and at the sight his grin grew wider, distorting his features further.

A sickly sweet but husky scent invaded my senses as I watched his eyes contract into slits akin to a feral cat.

Helplessly paralyzed, he was suddenly in front of me.

I was trapped.

I knew exactly then, that this was the end.

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