This is a story set in a town that has nothing interesting about it in particular. In fact, this town is rather difficult to get to without walking right through it or missing it completely.

It is Rhinestone, Florida.

If you wanted to go there, the only directions anyone could give you was to watch the roads and make sure you know when to turn right, lest you turn up on Clancy's Crossing instead of Rhinestone. But then again, those aren't particularly helpful directions.

Somehow, people get to it anyway.

You'd meet a girl there. Angie Di'Angelo. She might be taller than you think, or more long-haired. But she'd be the Angie you will read about. And she will remember if you ask her of her story.

Just remember not to let her realize things about herself. Even now, she'll get horribly upset about that. Angie Di'Angelo hates being struck with realizations about herself, things she never knew. It appalls and angers her, that it would just now strike her, that, for instance, she likes cheeseburgers more than hamburgers or malts more than milkshakes.

That's all you need to know.

Good luck.