"How many angels can you fit on the head of a pin?"
"'bout 42."

And she was standing there
in her page-boy haircut
her Hitler 'do
staring at me like she owned the world
what a blind little fool

And she said, "They thought I was bats
for climbin' up the stairs
climbin' up the walls
into the attics
to look at old dusty photos
staring at the ghosts
instead of hanging with the kids."

And I said, "I'm not the Hangman, darlin'
we'll be okay as long as it's not him
messing up our lives, he really is bats
hey maybe he really was dropped on his head as a kid, 'driç
let's just drink it all away with whiskey
so let's all just go on ahead and dance."

And she said, "It's just like this, cat
a gunshot to the head
a pistolshot to the foot
can make you move as fast as a cheetah
like a little rabbit running from an officer
even when the machinegun turns your heart cold."

And I said, "My heart was cold hours ago, honey
hours ago
hours and hours ago."

And she said, "I can't find my rope ladder
in my shooting range
can't find the ersatz staircase
or the mirrorbled bookcase."

And I said, "Polly,
Polly-oh-Polly, Polly-oh-Polly
Polly, don't mention the War.
Polly, don't mention the War."

[sax solo]

"Mr. Fawlty had a concussion, what's your excuse?"
"Who the fuck gets guillotined in '42?"

And she said, "You're one to talk
with your Himmler 'stache
your bleeding crazy Hummer
all wrapped up in heaven
all wrapped up in the clouds."

And I said, "Wrap the night around you, darling
so you don't grow cold
don't grow old
wrap the chords all around you
so you don't have to see, see?"

And she said, "Maybe it's just me
and my diary, it's just you
Goethe, Mephisto, Göring
Wagner, maybe Zarathustra too."

And I told her, "Let's go for a ride on my 'cycle
you and me and Richard the Lionheart both."

And she said, "You're one to talk
all you guys had heroes
all I got was a ghost."

And I said, "Polly
Polly-oh-Polly, Polly-oh-Polly
don't mention the War
don't mention the War."

Band: Viva and the Revolutionaries
Album: Polly, Don't Mention the War