You & I
© Lyssrus 2013

I am a river and you are an ocean when once we were a sea and tomorrow will be rain. It was not so long ago that you and I found love in living bodies as flesh with heartbeats and romance and life, but those creatures die as all creatures must die. Remember I was a flower, blossoming and dying for a season, and a butterfly came to steal my nectar away—it was you; it is always you. Because we are a memory, we are destiny. So many eons have passed, eras with so many vertebrates and so many lifetimes, but there is you and there is me. Today I am a river and you are an ocean. Though there is distance between us, we are never so far apart for long. Tomorrow we will be rain; tomorrow we will be.

A/N: I don't even know where this came from, but it did and it's past my bedtime.