we shared so many memories together

you reflected my character though your contents

but now you're gone

and I have no one to play with

you saw how I talked

you knew how I felt

you didn't tell any of my secrets

because we had a code

a code only you and I knew

but now you're gone

and so are those memories

I haven't talked to my friends since you passed

I can't get my school work done alone

my hobbies have come to a stop

I need you back in my life

but now you're gone

and I'm just gonna have to get by

I got a new friend recently

but it isn't the same

they may look better than you

but in the end

it isn't you

and that's what matters to me

I wish I could fix you up

but the doctors said there would be no way

I didn't listen

I tried my best to fix you

but in the end

you were just a hunk of parts

I must say goodbye

I must move on

I know you'd want me to do that

so, goodbye my old friend

I move onto greater things

I miss you.