So, before I actually post the real thing, I should probably explain where Pinks came from, because I know that inevitably someone will ask and because it's kind of (but not really) a fun story.

At the end of my senior year of high school (I am now a freshman in college), my English class did a unit on dystopian novels. The assignment was to read The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood, which I'd already read, so I read Oryx & Crake and The Year of the Flood instead. This is not really important, but is probably responsible for inspiring several aspects of this story beyond its dystopian essence, namely the Sin Workers (very much drawn from Ren's work in a sex club in The Year of the Flood) and the emphasis on slut-shaming or, in some cases, backlash against slut-shaming.

As part of our dystopia unit, we had to create an idea for a dystopia and give it a basic plot, a cover, and a blurb for the back of the hypothetical book. My basic idea was, "What if Rick Santorum were elected?" but then it spiraled into this epic massive idea that no longer really had anything to do with that beyond the rise of a highly conservative religious leader in America. I realized that in thinking about my protagonist I'd somehow created a pretty developed character complete with backstory, whom I didn't really want to just let sit in the back of my mind, so I created her a world to live in – a world that totally sucks, but a world all the same.

By the time my partner (who contributed a few choice ideas that are still in the story, most importantly the Fahrenheit 451-esque literary and film censorship) and I turned in the project, it had sort of taken on a life of its own. The crazy religious leader was no longer the focus, though he was certainly the villain: the main basis of the dystopia was now the idea that people with STDs/STIs were quarantined, by decree of said religious leader. And here we have our protagonist, within one of the quarantines two generations later.

It seemed like I had enough of an idea to actually write the damn book, so, last summer, off I went, writing the damn thing. I've worked on it off and on since then, and I think I have about two-thirds of the story, plus a few key end scenes, actually written out.

So, without further ado, I give you the ridiculous and almost completely implausible world of Pinks.