"In time, I hope the hurt will begin to fade and it'll be easier to just let you go without a fuss. You will go on with your life, and I will go on with mine, and I don't want to think about you loving someone else, ever, anyone but me. I want to remember us like we were that first summer; Carefree and blind, and so in love that we acted insane. I want to remember our kisses, how I felt when I first saw your naked skin, when you said 'I don't ever want to lose you' in my ear, and how it filled me up, and bubbled over. I want to remember our high school dances, and rushing you out the front door late at night so you wouldn't get into trouble, when you used to sneak over after boy scouts and we'd hold each other tight for those short moments, the way you looked at me while we were making love, driving together out in your little white car, just you and I worrying about nothingjust growing in love. The kind of love so genuine and pure and deep that you just can't shake it from your bones, can't brush it off your lips, you can still feel it squish between your toes, the taste is still fresh in your mouth. No matter what happens, where I go, who I meet, and what I do, I know I'll always feel you with me, deep inside of me where no one can ever reach. And I don't ever want to lose that.

I'm going to be okay remembering that what we had was good. And that we'll always remember eachother, and that makes it okay to move on. To know that, we'll be happier apart.