"He never looked up." I replied.

My head is throbbing and sweat rolls down my back. I was a hero. I pull a smile at the officer in front of me, but the light behind him is shrouds his face. The rooms swelters with heat.

"That's why you attacked him?" His question was straightforward.

I nod, closing my eyes. That light's so bright. The room spins a for a moment before I can open my eyes again.

"I shouted at him, I screamed at him, but he just kept on doing it. It was so disgusting."I want to throw up the nothingness left in my stomach.

"I feel sick inside." Like the lining of my stomach was chewed and ripped apart by that psychopath.

"The guy was a sick monster. That waitress just told him to leave." I gag just thinking about it.

The officer shifts so I can see the outline of his nose. "You've said that." It's a face in the dark, this face I can't find comfort with.

I respond again. "She just told him. 'Hey buddy. Come on, it looks like you've had enough.' But he kept looking at her with those eyes."

Those terrible eyes. "She started screaming right then. Lord save me; I saw them too! Hell is the coldest, loneliest place and I saw it right there in his eyes. He was trapped in those eyes."

I shiver remembering that stare. "Reminding him that our world still existed, it made him violent, like a wounded animal. Like he was forever alone. I… I almost understand why he did it."

"You understood his motives for eating someone?" He leans forward. A tone of interest is held in his voice. I can almost see a lifelike shine from his eyes.

If only this light wasn't jarring my senses.

" I... feel dizzy..." the words stammer out of me.

The officer slides a glass of water in front of me. I grab at it hastily with both hands and drink the precious liquid a little too fast. I choke for all of two seconds, however, it is an eternity. I drop the glass and hunch over as it shatters on the floor. A few seconds of droning from the lights as pains ravage at my insides are my only comfort from my awkwardness.

"I.. I'm sorry officer." I gasp. "Stomach cramps I guess."

"It's all right." He doesn't even move.

Cold sweat grows chill bumps as I look at this black and blank face in front of me. I see eye sockets and a nose's outline, all with no detail.

The face speaks again towards me. "What did you mean by your last remark? 'You understand?"

I squint at him. "Not like that." Partly to block that god awful light; What does he mean by that?

I continue. " This lunatic moved like clockwork as he bit into her. His fingers and teeth worked at her flesh with precision as he went at her without blinking. He looked like a robot performing a ballet. It was a game for him and she was his prize. He wasn't a man, he was a demon! Enjoying every minute of torture with that dead smile!"

"I must ask you to seat yourself." He catches me off guard.

I turn around slowly; I walk back to my chair and sit, apologizing, " I didn't realize…" My head is throbbing, the dryness in my throat is killing me.

How long ago was it since I last ate? That awful light! If he would turn it off or ask his questions, I think I might make it out of this without killing him too.

What? No! My stomach cramps and my head stings. I feel my heart pumping in my veins. That man is here to help. He's here to listen to my story. I'm a hero!

"So you saw him do it and wanted in on the action? The sight of blood got you all worked up?" The question startles me.

My right fist slams into the metal table; I start to cry.

"It's not like that." I pull my fist up high and slam it down again. "Listen!"

I can feel my throat crackle. I am finally losing my voice. Air rushes into my lungs. I'm calm; slowly I talk again.

"I remember his eyes as I rushed to save that poor woman. I knew I had to, I had to stop that mad thing. The way he was chewing her flesh...!" My voice is rising again. He has to understand. It was right to save someone. "You have to understand!"

My left arm raises to swipe tears away.. "I don't remember how long I watched him, for five seconds maybe, maybe twenty. It was too many, I should have helped her sooner but I was in shock. I just ran at him, I could barely see."

"You attacked him? This crazy man? Who was clearly dangerous, with no thought for your own life?" He seems interested now.

He finally gets it now. I'm in the clear. I did the right thing saving that woman.

"I just dove at him. There was no design in my attack. I know a little self defense my dad taught me when I was young. I'm no soldier but I knew enough force would knock him away from her and I could see in his eyes..."

Those soul sucking eyes.

"By just the way he was watching the whole thing in those dead eyes, I knew he wouldn't stop. I jumped at him, when I tackled him to the ground I went feral."

My hand is wet? When my eyes drift to my hand, a red liquid swells inside of cloth. The stinging in my hand is a reminder that the doctors had to remove the teeth from my hand and disinfect the cuts left in it. Blood clots right? I don't know. Everything looks red. My hand floats effortlessly in front of my face; I sniff it. Not foul just…

The officer is talking again. "You beat his face into a pulp. They couldn't tell whose blood was on you. His, hers, yours? Why such fierceness if you just wanted to break it up?" I'll break you up! You miserable…

My vision shakes as I bob back and forth. My head has own will. I gaze at the blank face. Where am I? "I was afraid officer." My voice was pleading. "Other fights were different; people grew tired and frustrated normally, I can't believe that anyone else would ever do that. This guy was crazy and this wasn't self defense. This was my moment in life where I could be a hero! This lady was dying and all I could think about was saving a human from some monster!" Make him understand. "What will the devil do for vengeance? I couldn't let him get back up." I say.

"Don't worry" he is telling me.

"Officer? I have to know. The woman? Did she live? Will she be okay?" I ask.

He seems taken back by my question."Are you saying you don't remember anything else?"

He's confused. . . I can hear my stomach growl.

I answer him distractedly. "No. No, sir. I blacked out after that. Will you just tell me if she survived.?"

I hear another voice in the background of the officers direction. "Just tell the truth, it doesn't matter." The officer whispers to himself in another voice.

"I have to know! Is she alive?" I put my head on the table to escape the lights when my stomach causes me to shudder.

The answer comes at last. "No, we don't think so."

Shock is rushing over my body in waves; my face fills flushed and wet. All of my violence was for nothing? I was too late? "What do you mean? You couldn't save her in time? Did she lose too much blood?" The words are choking me and I can't see through a blur of hot tears. I killed someone and it didn't even save the person I was protecting. This… This light! "Please just turn off those lights!" Hoarse words escape a mouth.

Darkness comes is an instant. They turned off all the lights. I begin to chuckle. The officer speaks again. "She survived the initial attack and was unconscious but stable in the ER. Her condition even improved after a fever." What happened? Was she murdered by this man's friends? Was there a pressure leak? Was she allergic to some medication? "She awoke, moaning with pain the next day. A nurse asked if she was alright, but then, just like that man you say attacked her, she bit that nurse's neck out. She attacked her orderlies and threw a guard through a wall. That lady you saved attacked every patient on her way to the airlock. Where some poor soul was lucky enough to jettison her into the earth's atmosphere!"

The light flashes back on and I push my legs back as far as I can; I throw my chair back into the wall. Sitting at the table across from me this whole time isn't a man, but the upper torso of a robot with a face that looks human in outline. "What's this?" I lunge to the door behind me and grab the handle, instantly pain erupts in my hands and blackness grabs me again.

My eyes open. I can't feel anything. I can't hear right now. My vision is all red. That smell. It's not foul. It's like nothing I have ever smelled before. Deeper, Richer. The voice is coming through the robot's mouth again like it's talking to me. "You, you killed a nurse too when you broke her arm and ate half of it. If the guard outside your room wouldn't have blasted you with his taser, you would have killed him too."

What is he blabbering about? The blood on the floor is from that guy over there. Pain fills my arms and legs as I drag my body slowly to the only edible thing in front of me. I just need to eat. Red. Everything is red because I am hungry.

His words are pointless. Maybe he wants to confuse me. I'm not like this sweet tasting morsel in front of me, whose meat is so savory. I'm not like those meat sickles behind that glass in the wall. A new aroma is entering my nostrils.

"You killed once and now you can't stop. You're just like that man you attacked. Just like the woman you tried to save."

Their fear.

"They deserved to die." I spout back at him. What does he know? "The nurse, cop, patients. You. You're so weak and damaged, you're not like me. I know you in ways you'll never know. I can almost read your thoughts. You'll all end!'

Blood gushes up covering my face as I rip the ribcage open to get to the organs. I can feel the muscles tighten to a smile on my face. I feel electrons fire in my brain. What about the woman I saved? What about the man I destroyed? Why are we special? Why are we the same?

I taste so many flavors as the room grows hot. Extra particles are being pumped in and I can see the swirling oils mix with blood in the air. I hear a mechanical click and watch as plasma forms before me into an array of light so beautiful none will ever know its equal. I feel joy and amazement as my nervous system sends a billion signals to my brain at once. My glands are releasing endorphins, causing me to feel more alive than ever before in my life. This is death in front of me. As the room ignites into flames, only the corpse and I burn while everything else is metal. Everything else is dull and dead already.

I welcome the end, for I see more right now than ever in my life and no-one else will ever see this beautiful sight. I am perfect and they must die.

-End memory Z89-OC-578 on Platform Two of MUR. Empathic link's division. Subject terminated on Phase 4 sun rotation: 23rd Earth rotation. 2148 A.D.-