Call it a dream
Call it a delusion
Call it love
Call it crazy
Just as long as I get to call you my baby

Let's not worry about the safety

I know I what it's like to fall down
Me and fate have found a common ground
Just look for me when I can't be found

This feeling will last forever

If it's true
I don't care
How is accepting you not fair
If you really want this to end
I don't want to wait
Just tell me where and when

The last act taken off the marquee
Who was I suppose to be
A sailor lost at see
I know this is what I agreed

But this not what I want
The past is a monster I always taunt
The happiness I now fear as it haunts
As I try running through the hallways of your arms

Every chance I get to remind myself
How fast my heart beats
When my lungs grip my breath
With words I want to forget to read
At the end of every conversation
I forgot how to leave

I have no time to spend with your silhouette
When I cannot ever tell if you're laughing
Or crying
Even if the truth is so much easier
I'm more comfortable with lying

So I'll hold this memory like a stone
As it sinks to the abyss and the unknown
Where these hands are way too sinful
To touch your church of blood and bone
I could have sworn I was talking to you
But why did I feel so alone