"Time to go, Kojoro. Wake up. Wake up." I shook Kojoro's shoulder. She swatted at my hand, and grunted. How unladylike. "Seriously, WAKE UP!" I shouted, earning a few stares. Kojoro's eyes snapped open.

"Are we being followed? Are the Oni here? Where are we? Are you hurt? Am I hurt?" Oh, just fantastic. Now people think I'm on the plane with a psycho.

"The answer to all those questions is no. The plane's landed. You slept for ten hours straight." I wagged my finger. I had woken up at about seven hours after I fell asleep, which gave me some nice long relaxing time. Three whole hours to watch a movie, eat some early breakfast snack which the cabin crew had given me, and watch Kojoro sleep...? Forget about the last one, I only did it a few times.

"Oh..." Kojoro looked away. She stood up and brushed some nonexistent dust off her jeans. I felt bad for her. Waking up because someone was shouting in your ear and having people think you're out of your mind isn't an average person's idea of 'a fantastic, wonderful, and epic start of an adventure'.

Moving off the plane was truly agony-for Kojoro. She practically fell asleep, and I had to wake her up again. How much beauty sleep does this girl need? I wonder if she's an afterlife clone of Rapunzel... or was it Aurora?

Huh? I jolted awake. Kojoro was shaking my shoulder. Oh, great, now I fell asleep. The plane attendants shooed us out rather rudely, maybe because of all the shouting, with the other passengers trailing behind us.

Finally, we burst out into the fresh, Bogota air. Kojoro took a deep breath loudly, and exhaled.

Kojoro and I entered a taxi. "Sofitel Bogota Victoria Regia hotel, please." I slid into the seat.

The driver mumbled something that sounded like, "Stupid rich Americans."

There was only one word for it. Bogota was beautiful. We had arrived at night, and I didn't regret it. The lights were yellow and twinkling, making the whole city seem to be covered by stars. Towering, black buildings rose above us and into the sky. Occasionally, we would pass a building with bright, colorful lights advertising something.

Finally, the taxi came to a stop in front of a humongous hotel. I grabbed my suitcase and lugged it behind me to the front of the door. Kojoro had conjured up a suitcase with her luggage in it.

The doorman looked slightly concerned as he watched Kojoro pull her luggage behind her almost painfully-I could see that as a kitsune, Kojoro was clearly not used to work.

I was struck by awe the instant I walked into the lobby. The walls were marble, white. there was a huge chandelier at the top. Huge, golden stairs curled around the lobby. There were colorful plants all around, and even a piano. I was itching to play it, but I probably wasn't allowed.

"Your name?" the receptionist asked. She had a Spanish accent, making what she said even harder to decipher.

"Uh... Jacob Williams and Kojoro-" Ah God, I forgot to add her last name!- "Williams."

The receptionist nodded. "Room ten oh two, please." She handed me a card and smiled. "Have a good time at Sofitel Bogota Victoria Regia hotel!"

I beckoned Kojoro over. She was lying down on a humongous couch, panting.

Oh, God. Is it that hard to just pull a suitcase a few meters?

"Kojoro, let's go." I tapped her on the shoulder.

"No..." Kojoro flipped over, moaning.

"Gosh, you kitsune are lazy."

"The words 'kitsune' and 'lazy' don't go together."

"They do right now."

Kojoro frowned. "Leave me alone..."

I sighed. She was practically impossible to take on trips. I grabbed her suitcase and shouted, "The Oni are here!"

"What? What?" Kojoro looked around. When she realized that I had tricked her, her head began to slowly turn around to look at me.

I took off.

One lesson I learned: Never, ever cross a kitsune that has special abilities.

Kojoro was too tired to use her powers- instead, she began to sprint across the lobby, ignoring the snorts and stares from the other people. Boy, she ran fast.

Eventually, she caught up. "Jacob Ian Williams..." her voice was low.

"How do you know my middle name?"

"Truce temporarily. Then I kill you. Enjoy your last minutes of life."

"Oh, come on, Kojoro, it's just a joke." I walked into the elevator behind her. There wasn't anyone inside the elevator except for us.

Kojoro didn't respond. The ride was silent, until the little ding! signaled the end of the ride. We walked to our room, and I opened the door.

The bedroom was just as magnificent as the lobby. There was a green couch to the right side of the room, and a bed in the middle. A bathroom was next to those. The room was clean and tidy-naturally.

"I take the couch!" I yelled, temporarily forgetting Kojoro's temper. She hurled a ball of water mindlessly. Thanks to my supernatural reflexes, I managed to block it with a shield of air and save my precious couch.

Kojoro laughed. "Quick thinking, Jacob."

I snorted and plopped myself onto the couch. Hmm, where's that cold feelings coming from? It's tickling me, on my arm...

I looked at my arm. On it, was a bug.

A bug.

A silverfish.

"Aaaghh!" I screamed, leaping off the couch. I swatted at the bug, and the bug landed on my couch. I swear, its beady little eyes were evilly staring into mine, plotting revenge.

"What, what? What happened?" Kojoro shouted.

I shivered. "Silverfish in the house. Come kill it!"

I could practically hear Kojoro rolling her eyes. I was still facing the horrific silverfish. "Oh, God, are you that scared of bugs? Do ya have freaking arachnophobia?" Kojoro plopped down on her bed.

I held up a finger behind my shoulder. "As Koan said, impressive vocabulary."

"How'd you hear that?"

"Mwah-ha-ha-ha, I'm not telling. Now come kill the bus- I mean bug."

"By the sound of your screaming, I assumed a bug as big as a bus was here. How big is it?"

"About the size of my index finger nail."

"Ha ha ha ha, hehe, oh God, haha," I could hear Kojoro laughing. I glanced at her- she was rolling on the floor.

"Get off the floor, for Pete's sake!"

"Who's Pete?"

I gritted my teeth. "Just kill the freaking bug!"

Kojoro trotted over. She grabbed a tissue and squished it onto the silverfish. I flinched- bug killing is so gruesome.

She turned and showed me the tissue. "Mwah-ha-ha, the bug's going to get you!"

I stared at her. "It's dead. 死翘翘."


"Dead. That's Mandarin."

"Oh... Now go throw the bug."

"I'm not touching that cursed tissue. You throw it."

Kojoro gave an over dramatic sigh. "Fine, scaredy cat."

"Uh, fox, not cat."

"Whatever, cat."

I sat down on the couch after checking for bugs. "Kojoro?"


"Don't let the bug kill you."

"It's dead, Jacob. Dead. Dead dead dead dead dead. Get it?"

I laughed. "We need to go search for Inari soon."

"Mmm hmm. And kill bugs along the way."

"Right!" I shouted.

"You know that was sarcasm, right, Jake?"


Kojoro stared at me.

"I hate it when you teleport, Kojoro."

Kojoro gave a devilish laugh and waltzed off to her bed. I closed my eyes and shifted on the bed. Hope there's no bugs...

"Wake up, wake up, wake up-puh-puh-puh!"

"Shut UP the annoying alarm clock, Kojoro."

Kojoro cleared her throat. "Eh-ehm, I am that annoying alarm clock, dude. So WAKE UP!"

I jolted my eyes open. "Err, ever heard of a more gentle way of waking people up?"

"How about pouring ice-cold water on you VERY gently?"

I shuddered. "No, no, no. I'm going to wake up earlier than you tomorrow."

"I don't think so!"

I sat up. Kojoro was wearing denim jeans and a short-sleeved shirt. I narrowed my eyes at her-she seemed even more up to something than usual.

"Get dressed."

"I am."

"Stinky, dude. Stinky."

I sighed. "I didn't bring many clothes."

"What's your second set of clothes?"


"Don't tell me, you only brought one stinky set?"

"I guess so..."

Kojoro laughed. "We'll see about that." She was gone.

I closed my eyes again.

"Wake up, wake up, wake up-puh-puh-puh!"

"I'm sure it's an alarm clock, Kojoro. So press snooze." I slapped my hand through the air multiple times, trying to find the alarm. Suddenly, my hand collided with a face.

"Ouch!" Kojoro shouted. I opened my eyes. Kojoro was giving me the death stare.

"Action!" I yelled.

Kojoro cocked her head.

"Find Inari!" I hollered.

Kojoro cocked her head to the other side.

"Go!" I sat up. Kojoro was holding a shirt and pants.

"How'd you find my freakin' clothes?"


"Ah... Can I go back?"

"No, it's never that easy. Only I can teleport such great distances."

I grinned. "Why?"

"Dude-let's go. We need to find Inari."

I sighed and grabbed the clothes she was dangling from her fingers. I stared at her, hoping that she would get the message. She raised her eyebrow at first, then sighed. SHe turned around, and began to tap her foot.

I went into the bathroom and changed.

As soon as I came out, Kojoro jumped to her feet. "Let's go."

We walked out to the elevators. I began to walk down the stairs, tired of the slowness of the elevator.

Suddenly, an idea struck me. I raced down the stairs, and pressed the button for the ninth floor. Then the eighth. Then the seventh. And the sixth, and fifth, and fourth, and third, and second, and first.

"Mwah-ha-ha-ha!" I marched out. Suddenly, Kojoro appeared in front of me. She was fuming. I had forgotten about the thing about... never crossing a kitsune with special abilities. Woops.

"Aaaaaaaaaaghh!" I hollered, running away with my hands up in the air. Kojoro appeared in front of me.

"I hate it when you telepooorrrrtttt!" I switched directions, my hands still up.

I ran an alley, knowing that Kojoro would still catch up. I wasn't sure if Kojoro took these pranks that seriously, but she might.

The sky was dark now. I couldn't see anything, but I was still running. What if there was a wall?

Suddenly, I blacked out.

"What the hell?" Was the first thing I shouted when my consciousness returned. . I opened my eyes. "Kojoro, why'd you knock me out?"

"I didn't, genius."

I looked at the room I was in. Everything was dark green, and ugly color. Kojoro and I were sitting on two chairs each. My hands were tied behind my back with hard, tight rope. My wrists hurt. I was sure that they were red.

"So where the hell are we?" Kojoro spat.

"I don't know, Kojoro." I tugged on the ropes. "I'm stuck."

"Ya think?"

I sighed. "We need to escape."

"Ya think?"

"Well, well, well." A huge figure walked into the room, rubbing his hands. "Look who's here."

"Shut up, you Oni. Why are we here?" Kojoro said. Her voice sounded venomous.

"Oh, just a few things. Entertainment, food, you know, things like that. Now, I'm going to eat you two."

"Excuse me?" I cocked a brow.

Kojoro rolled her eyes. "He said, he's going to eat us."

The Oni approached me. "You seem delicious."

I nearly barfed. "Ugh..."

He sniffed. "You're a human-kitsune."


"I can't eat you."

I sighed in relief. "Now can I go?"

"No. I'll kill you later, right after I eat her."

I glanced at Kojoro. She seemed calm.

The Oni approached her. Kojoro stuck her tongue out at the Oni. I watched in horror.

A bright flame suddenly erupted in Kojoro's palms. The Oni didn't see it. The flame spead from her hands down her arms, then her shoulders. Her head was soon engulfed in the flame, too. The fire traveled down her body, and soon she was on fire.

I remembered suddenly that the Oni could be killed by fire. Naturally, the Oni didn't approach her. He growled.

I heard a sizzle. I peeked at Kojoro's ropes-it was burned. She passed out and landed on the floor. Kojoro looked... dead. She probably was.

Hey, sorry about the long wait, whoever was waiting. :D