"Say goodbye, Angel! Because this is your last hour on this earth! MWAHAHA!" Suddenly, a light started flashing red; the whole lair began to rumble violently; a loud beep was heard, which slowly counted down until their last seconds alive. Eleanor clung to Jenny, while Angel desperately looked for a way out. Any way! She ran all around the lair, looking in ever nook and cranny. The Candy Man had to have gotten out some way! She started pacing frantically, while Jenny and Eleanor watched.

"He couldn't have just disappeared. If he's gotten out, there's another way than just the stage. I'm going to find it. I HAVE TO FIND IT! AHHH!" Suddenly the ground underneath her disappeared. Well, it was another trapdoor covered by the rug, and Angel grabbed onto a rung of a ladder fixed in the wall.

"Angel, are you alright!" Jenny called down.

"Come on down, quick!" Angel called back up. Jenny helped Eleanor onto the ladder, and they slowly climbed down. Angel got her feet and hands secure, and continued downward.

They found themselves in a small room with two tunnels leading from it. The air felt moist and hot.

"Which way?" Jenny whispered softly. Though there was no-one around, this was the sort of place one felt they must whisper, because this was the place one always felt watched.

"How do you feel about splitting up?" Amelia asked, taking off her mask.

"No!" Eleanor said rather loudly, and her voice echoed eerily off the tunnel walls. Amelia put her hand over her sister's mouth, alarmed by the sound.

"There goes that option. And I suggest we keep our voices down." She pulled out her phone, hoping Cooper could scan the area, but there was no signal. "Drat."

"How do we know where to go?" Jenny asked anxiously. Above them, though muffled, they could still here the beeping of the self-destruct, and even this far down, they could get some damage from the explosion.

"Try our luck," Amelia replied, taking a deep breath for courage. "Take one path, and hope for the best." She took Eleanor's hand, which trembled in her grasp. "Which way?" Eleanor looked from the left path to the right path, bit her lip, and then made her choice. Amelia and Jenny looked at each other, nodded, then the trio headed slowly down the right path.

After about five minutes of walking, the whole earth seemed to shake, a loud boom came from behind them, and rubble fell from the roof. Amelia knelt down in front of Eleanor, pulled her onto her back, grabbed Jenny's hand, and they ran as fast as they could through the tunnel, hoping rubble wouldn't fall on their heads. Eleanor wrapped her arms around Amelia's neck, and buried her face in her sister's hair, wishing it would all be over! Jenny ran behind, looking behind her every now and then. The shaking stopped, but the girls still ran, wanting to get out as soon as they could. Suddenly, Jenny stepped in a small hole, twisting her ankle in an awkward way, causing her to fall.

"Oof!" she groaned. Dust flew everywhere. Jenny leaned on her arms, spitting dirt out of her mouth.

"Are you okay?" Amelia asked letting Eleanor slid off her back.

"Yes," Jenny said quickly, getting hurriedly to her feet, before sitting on the ground once more. "No."

"What's wrong?" Eleanor asked. Jenny rubbed her ankle.

"I think I just sprained it," she replied. "It's… not a problem." She winced in pain as she once again tried to stand. "Much… Ow…"

"We'll sit here until Jenny can walk," Amelia said, as Eleanor sat on the dusty ground. "You two stay here; I'll scout ahead." She walked away from her sister and friend, cautiously finding her way. The tunnel was quite dark, but up ahead, she saw a light. Was it a good sign? Who cares; there's an opening! She quickly ran back to the other girls, a smile on her face.

"Jenny, are you okay?" she asked, then continued without waiting for an answer. "There's an opening up ahead. Light was coming in from the roof, meaning it's going upwards. We can finally get out of this underground tunnel!"

"That's great," Jenny said, but she sounded uncertain. "But how do we know where it leads?"

"Who cares where it leads?" Amelia asked. "We can get out! Don't you want to get out of this small, confined area?"

"I-I do," Jenny sighed, getting to her feet. "I'll be good now."

The three girls walked down the tunnel, and finally saw the light.

"We've walked so far that we might as well be all the way to China!" Eleanor complained. When they reached the source of the light, they were thrilled to see the sky above them. The clouds were golden, and the sky was just turning blue to show it was just turning morning.

"We… we've been down here for hours!" Jenny cried. A small breeze made its way down the tunnel, and tugged at her short black hair. "Oh, that feels so wonderful!"

"Jenny, climb!" Amelia laughed, gesturing to the ladder rungs imbedded into the wall. Jenny grabbed the first rung, and began to climb, ignoring the pain still in her ankle, longing the smell of fresh air, the breeze on her face, and warmth of the early morning sun. As soon as they emerged from the underground world, she gasped in delight, and shock, standing motionless, and staring all around her.

"Millie," she whispered, half afraid, half delighted. "How did we end up here?"