The Sence of Truth.

They look about to see the truth,
They say it's fact and only proof,
However did they ever think,
Their thoughts they may have to rethink.

How can you prove by what you see,
The color, the beauty, the shape it may be,
When blind men cannot look with eyes,
That simple sence before them dies.

How can you prove by sence of smell,
It is a thing you cannot tell,
How can a man who knows no scent,
Be convinced by what you do present?

How can you prove by finger's touch,
To one with no nerves it is not much,
They cannot feel what you hand to them,
They cannot approve of or condemn.

How can you prove by sence of taste
That savory sence we all embrace,
When a man's buds do not partake,
The proof you present like a cake.

Perhaps truth is not in the proof,
Or facts, or emotions mayhap a spoof,
But maybe it lies within the heart,
Written in the soul as if a part.

Perhaps it is not for us to know,
But to trust and hope and to follow,
Perhaps someday it will be known,
Mayhap someday it will be shown.