It snows and snows

Endless freezing lumps and clumps

Raining down faster than my eyes can understand

The world is covered in a blanket of white

Others see it as new

A fresh start

A cleansing of our darkening world

Its beauty, purity and coolness all displayed in its colour

I see oppression

A smothering pillow pressing down on Earth's face

All opposition is crushed

Ever constant rebels, green and brown, end in being hidden from view

Lost in the dark, dead silence of the night

All must be white

Life is halted

Every being must obey its orders

Or risk incapacitation or, still worse, death

It takes over the press and conversations like propaganda

As you walk, its grip keeps you in its dictator's thrall

It holds harder as you struggle for release

It also fears the thing it oppresses

It worries about the day the white sky will melt

And the sun will finally shine.