I dreamed of mountains and large fields. I could tell it was Montana, from the …

The dream felt different from most. It felt real: the heat of the sun, the wind in my face, the grass beneath my feet.

The sky above me grew darker. Night was approaching. Suddenly the scene changed and I'm suddenly at some strange bar in some city. A woman walked out of the place, looking to be around the age of 35. She was dressed in a high-class business suit, holding a dog in one hand and a cell phone in the other, barking orders left and right.

"No, you are to do whatever it takes in order to get that land ready for development! We've spent enough getting this land from those savages; don't you dare let a little riot stop you. Move your lazy ass an- hold on, I'm getting another call."

Just as the woman pulled her phone away from her ear to take a look at the caller I.D., a deep growl rumbled. Not know where it came from, the woman kept walking, worry creeping up her face. But as she kept walking, the growls kept coming. When she started to sprint, the noises followed her step for step. However, heels aren't the best shoes to run in. With one badly placed foot in one badly placed crack in the cement, the heel snapped and she tumbled. The dog, free from the woman's grasp, took its freedom and ran, leaving the woman behind. She tried to get up, but found her ankle throbbing in pain; crawling came next but the sounds were nearly on her now.

The last thing she saw was piercing yellow eyes.

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