Summer Blues

Chapter 1: Julie

"Do you really have to go?" I asked for about the millionth time. I was perched up on my best friend Sam's bed watching him pack the last of his necessities into his large blue suitcase. I already knew his reply but the thought of my best friend leaving me for the summer was still too much for me to process.

"Jules, you know I don't want to, but this camp sets up so many opportunities for me," Sam replied solemnly before zipping up his suitcase. "That's the last of it!"

"This is starting to feel too real," I twirled my long brown hair around my index finger and stuck out my lower lip.

"I'm going to miss you too," Sam could always tell exactly how I was feeling, this is one of those moments where I hated the fact that my emotions were almost always written clearly across my face in large bold letters. I had no idea what I was going to do this summer, ever since I was born Sam and I would go to the beach, have ice-cream, bike around till our legs hurt and just spend the entire summer together. The fact that he was just packing up to leave me for months felt terrifying. I hated change and I really didn't want to lose my best friend.

"So when will you be back again?" I already knew the answer, it was written in and highlighted on my black and white calendar pinned above my desk in my room.

"The day before Junior year begins. So you better have that day free and ready just for me because we're catching up until there's nothing left to know," Sam's green eyes practically glowed, I was going to miss seeing them everyday. I know I was being clingy but I'd never been away from him for more than three weeks, let alone three months. I guess Sam sensed my sadness because he quickly ran across the room and pounced on me. "Attack!"

"You are getting way to heavy for this," I shrieked through a wave of giggles before wrapping my arms around Sam's slender torso and pulling him into a tight hug. "You better call me all the time," I said sternly.

"You know I will," Sam replied with an impish grin. "Come on, let's not ruin our last day together, let's do something fun."

"Like what?" I asked still sulking, my head still felt heavy from the idea that I was going to have to spend the summer here alone while Sam was making new friends and having a blast at his new basket-ball camp. I had to keep reminding myself that he was great player and that he was going to improve and hopefully get recruited by colleges, not leave me behind.

"Do you want to go for a swim?" Sam was already standing up and rummaging through his last drawer before pulling out one of my favorite bathing suits. I always left a million things at his place, it was practically my second home.

"You're right, that does sound fun," I tell him grabbing the bikini with my left hand and going up on my tip toes to ruffle his wavy curls with my other hand.

"I'll meet you downstairs when you're ready okay?" Sam doesn't wait for my reply, he's already half way down the stairs before I've even opened my mouth. I tried not to think too much about being lonely and how much I'd miss him. Instead, I padded over to Sam's bathroom and slipped into my favorite floral bikini. My light brown hair fell in waves down my back, it was always a mess in the summer but I never cared enough to groom it. I stared into my reflection in the Sam's oval mirror and bit my lip to prevent myself from crying. Stop being a baby I reminded myself before throwing my white sundress back on and heading downstairs to meet Sam.

"I'm exhausted!" I exclaim collapsing onto my pink and white floral towel. Sam falls down next to me in the sand, his curls are immediately doused in enough sand to fill a bucket. I loved when his hair was wet, the darkness of his hair brought out his mischievous bright green eyes.

"Hey, no falling asleep before I leave," Sam warns me before grabbing his towel and running it over himself.

"Can you stop reminding me of that fact please," I beg as a roll onto my side to face him. Sam was the one person who I knew almost better than I know myself. I searched his face trying read his emotions but for once I couldn't really figure out what he was thinking. His eyes were trained on me, lingering as if he was searching for something. "Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Huh?" Sam asked quickly averting his gaze from me and staring back at out at the ocean.

"That was a strange look, are you okay?" I asked carefully ruffling his hair and shaking some of the sand out.

"I'm just going to miss you Jules," Sam said getting up and offering me his hand.

"I'm going to miss you too Sammy Bear," I said grasping onto his hand tightly. Sam looked at me again the same way he did earlier and opened his mouth as if he was about to say something before he was cut off.

"Sam! Julie! Come on! We've got to get going!" Laura, Sam's mom, cupped her hands over her mouth as she yelled down to us. She was standing on Sam's back porch and clutching her arms around herself as if she was cold. I wrapped my towel snuggly around my shoulders and followed Sam back up to his house hesitantly. I was soaking in every moment, carefully to not let it pass by too quickly. I debated asking Sam what he was going to say but I'm guessing it was something about him leaving and I honestly didn't want to talk about the subject anymore. The sun was still bright in the sky reminding me that it was still early in the day and I'd have to find something to do once he'd leave.

While Sam changed and brought his final suitcases down stairs I perched myself up onto the Durnen's kitchen counter. I swung my legs back and forth and examined my chipping white nail polish that decorated my toenails in distaste. I promised myself I'd repaint them when I got home. It would be a welcome distraction.

"How's your sister doing?" Laura asked me breaking my train of thought. Laura had been like a second mom to me for my whole life, there was nothing I didn't love about her. Seeing her now made me smile, at least she'd still be next door even if Sam wasn't going to be.

"Nat's good, she's busy as usual, you know…" I trailed off when I saw Sam and his father heading back instead from loading the car. I toyed with the bottom of my sundress to avert my gaze.

"We're all ready to go, Laure I just put your favorite tea into the car," Jack, Sam's dad told Laura.

"Awe honey," Laura smiled. Laura and Jack were so in love, they were the kind of parents that acted like they were still as in love as they were when they were young. I always had wanted what they had and I was jealous that Sam had this perfect little family all for himself. Laura gave me a quick hug even though she would be driving back after dropping Sam off at camp tomorrow. Jack ruffled my hair and grabbed Laura's hand as they walked out to the car leaving me and Sam alone on their front deck.

"Jules," Sam's voice seemed tight and I could tell he was upset but trying not to show it. I practically jumped right on to him. I fit perfectly in his arms, my chin able to rest on his shoulder and my arms snugly around his waist. I squeezed my eyes shut and breathed deeply trying to memorize the way he smelt. Three months, I repeated in my head. Three months and he wasn't even coming back to visit. My eyes began to burn and a few stray tears leaked out of my eyes wetting Sam's shirt.

"Sorry," I sniffed pulling back a bit. Sam's face scrunched up when he saw me crying and I could tell he was trying not to cry too.

"See you soon, okay?" Sam said quietly before pressing his lips softly to my forehead and pulling away from me. As Sam walked down his driveway and opened the front door of his car I plopped down on the stairs leading up to his deck in defeat. He gave me one last wave before the car pulled out and I was left alone at his house. I waited until his car was out of sight before breaking down a little. My tears felt hot and sticky due to the weather and when I stood up I swayed a little, dizzy from the combination of the heat and crying.

"Hey are you alright?" I looked up to see Nat standing outside my house with a worried look plastered on her face. In this moment I was so glad Sam lived right next door, at least it meant that I could be in the comfort of my own bed in no time. I climbed down the remaining steps and crossed the lawn over to my house.

"Sam just left," I reminded Natalie, her long curly hair was knotted on top of her head and she was clad in a light pink tank top and some denim cut offs.

"You are so fine," Natalie scoffed, but her face softened when she saw me wiping the tears from my face. "Come on, go change and then we can watch a movie or something. I'll even let you pick." The fact that she was making an effort made me smile and I slung my arm through hers and lead her back into our house in approval.

When I got upstairs I spotted my phone lying on my bed, somehow I was always losing it when I was hanging out with Sam. When I was with him it never seemed important to have my phone on me. I scrolled though the front page to at least twenty different notifications but only one caught my eye.

Sam: I miss you already :)

Even though he wasn't here, he was still making me smile. That's why Sam was my best friend, he always knew exactly what to say or do to make me feel immediately better. I quickly typed back an answer before happily collapsing onto my bed and eagerly catching up on all that I'd missed while I was out.

"Julie, are you coming?" Natalie's voice woke me up from my little social media trance and I quickly grabbed some comfy clothes and threw them on before heading downstairs to meet her.

"God, stop looking so sad. It's not like Sam's your only friend. Plus, maybe it'll be good for you to be apart for a while. You two are like attached at the hip, it's weird," Natalie begun lecturing me again and I held up my hand in protest.

"Are we going to watch a movie or not?" I asked jutting my hip out and putting my right hand on my waist.

"Okay, okay come here," Natalie motioned towards my half of the couch before tossing me the remotes, keeping her promise to let me chose.

Halfway through the movie my phone started blowing up. I looked down to see about twenty messages from my best girl friend Sandra. A few in particular caught my eye.

Did you see Dan's event?


First party of the summer!

Can I sleep over at yours afterwards?

I have the perfect outfit for you to borrow!

I smile creeped slowly onto my face. Maybe this summer would be salvageable after all. Regardless of the rest of it, at least I already had plans for this Friday night. And even if Sam wasn't going to be there, I was determined to have a good time.

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