Chapter 8: Julie

"Hey Sandy," I greeted Sandra and I slid into the passenger seat of her car.

"Hey babe, why have you been so MIA since yesterday, you literally still haven't told me about the date yet!" As soon as I get into the car Sandra begins lecturing me.

"It's this thing with Sam," I tell her, since we talked this morning I hadn't heard anything back. I could tell he was clearly upset about something, I just wished he would return my calls and texts so we could talk about it.

"Trouble in paradise?" Sandra teased, she stopped at the red light and turned to face me clearly reading my troubled expression her face softened. "What happened Jules?"

"I don't know, we were just talking normally this morning and then all of a sudden he just got upset and then hung up on me. I literally tried calling him five times afterwards and he's not replying to any of my texts. I don't get it!" I spilled. I hadn't stopped thinking about him since he hung up on me and the sad look on his face.

"Oh Jules, he's probably just busy," Sandra said although not very convincingly.

"I don't know, and I didn't even get to tell him about how I'm driving up to see him next month," I complained.

"Hey, I'm sure he just misses you, when you tell him I feel like everything will go back to normal!" Sandra assured me as she pulled into Justin's parking lot. Justin was one of the richest people I knew, his family owned a huge tech company and he practically got everything he ever wanted.

"Yeah I hope so," I said checking my phone again for any notifications. I unlocked my phone as Sandra drove up to Justin's parking garage. "Hey, are you ready to see Justin again?" I asked raising my eyebrow at her.

"The real question is he ready to see me?" Sandra giggled as she put the car into park. I couldn't help but notice her perfectly manicured nails and be embarrassed at my own home job that had already chipped this morning. I reach towards the latch on my door before Sandra swats my hand away. "Not so quickly missy, you're not leaving this car until you tell me about last night with Michael," She giggled as she said Michaels name and I can't help but smile.

"Okay, okay, so we met and he bought some snacks and there was barely anyone in the theater…" I begin telling the quick version of my date when Sandra cuts me off.

"No way! You made out the entire time? Girl! You've been holding out on me!" She said wide eyes as if ready for me to tell her that was exactly what happened, I laughed and shook my head at her.

"No we held hands though and sort of cuddled a bit!" I told her, Sandra holds up her hand and motions for me to go on, her blue eyes looked almost grey in the dim lighting of the car. "Okay so then after the movie we went to go get ice-cream and we shared and then he walked me home and I swear he was going to kiss me Sandy but then I don't know what happened and we just hugged," I said letting my disappointment from yesterday seep back in. It hadn't been a good twenty four hours for me considering the lack of what happened on my first date and how weird Sam was acting.

"Jules, he obviously likes you, he's probably just nervous since he's so new. Don't stress about it okay?" Sandra assured me with an assertion that did shake some of my worries.

"Okay!" I agreed.

"Okay, come on now, let's go, the boys are waiting," Sandra giggled and promptly got out of her car. I hesitantly followed only just realizing that I was about to see Michael. I was so busy thinking about Sam all day I'd barely thought about how it might be awkward to see my date again today.

"Sandy, I'm nervous," I admitted as we stepped into Justin's glass elevator that would take us to the main part of his house. Sandra clicked the top floor and leaned back onto one of the railings.

"Shut up! You've known these boys your whole life," Sandra laughed, "And the only one you don't know, wants to get to know you!" Sandra winked at me and strolled out of the elevator into Justin's glass and metal house. I remember the first time I'd been here in middle school, it was the most stunning and aesthetic house I'd ever seen. Justin had the entire top floor to himself and he prided himself on having weekly gatherings with our whole group.

"They're probably outside right?" I asked, finding the boys once we got here was definitely the most tedious thing, they got annoyed when we texted them to tell us so instead we played an annoying game of hide and seek until we found them.

"True, when are they not out there," Sandra laughed sauntering out towards Justin's balcony, as guessed, Connor, Jake, Justin, Dan and Michael were crowded around Justin's foosball table and screaming at one another. I felt a small pang go through my chest when I realized that Sam wasn't there. I pulled out my phone and texted him that I missed him before following Sandra over to the guys.

"Sandy, Jules, late as usual," Justin teased coming over and engulfing both of us in a tight hug. The two of us make a round of hugs around the group casually since it hasn't been long at all since we'd all seen each other.

"Hey Jules," Michael greeted me with a warm smile, I can't help but smile back, other than the end of our date last night had been perfect, great conversations, eye contact, Michael holding my hand, everything I'd hoped for.

"Hi Mikey," I said as I wrapped my arms around his torso, he gave me a tight lingering squeeze before being pulled back by Dan to finish their game of foosball.

"Danny!" I laughed bumping him with my hip, things had been awkward for a while after we'd hooked up but we'd both had too much to drink that night and we managed to salvage our friendship in the following weeks. Sandra and I made our way over to Justin's seating area and plopped down on one of his plush white couches.

"I can't believe it's still another whole week before Lauren comes back," Sandra complained. Lauren was Sandra's other best friend who didn't go to our school, we got along great but the two of us weren't emotionally close at all. I was normally glad Laura was around because I didn't feel bad about leaving Sandy to go hang out with Sam but the reminder that Lauren was going to come in and take up a bunch of Sandra's time sent a pang of jealousy through my body.

"Yay, I can't wait!" I say faking a huge smile. I knew the three of us would hang out as well, Sandra was always good at balancing us, I just always felt like the odd one out with Lauren in the picture.

"Hey, are you going to drink tonight?" Sandra asked me twirling her golden hair around her fingers as she clearly checked out Justin from across the room.

"Wait, are you actually going to hook up with him more than once?" I asked astonished. Sandra was normally easily bored and once the chase was over she moved on to the next guy.

"I guess we'll have to wait and see," she giggled before winking at me. After Dan and Michael finish their game the boys go into the kitchen to get some drinks.

"So are you going to go talk to Michael or what?" Sandra probes.

"Can you be quiet! Someone's going to hear you!" I chastised her.

"Hear what?" Justin smirked leaning against his glass wall nonchalantly and holding the door open.

"Don't worry, nothing about you hon," Sandra laughed winking at Justin and flipping her curled blonde hair over her shoulder. Justin ran a hand through his short strawberry colored hair before uncrossing his legs and heading towards us.

"Oh, I wasn't worried," He grinned. The two of them were both so playful I couldn't help but think they were a great match for each other.

"So what's the plan for tonight other than you guys playing foosball?" Sandra asked tapping her foot on the ground but unable to hide her smile, I could tell she was happy with the attention she was receiving.

"We were thinking maybe a horror movie?" Justin said sipping a cold beer and swinging his arm around Sandra, I raised my eyebrow at her.

"As usual," Sandra nods her head in approval, "Shall we?" The two of them walked back into Justin's house glued to each other's sides. I giggled at myself and followed them in. The boys were already sprawled into everyone's normal positions on the couch, this time Sandra curled up with Justin on his huge La-Z-boy and Michael was between Dan and Jake in Sandra's normal spot. I flopped onto the L shaped part of the couch where Sam and I normally sat. I curled up in the corner where Sam normally sat and reached for my phone for the billionth time.

"Don't worry Jules, Sam will be back soon," Jake smiled kindly at me and I gave him a thumbs up in return before pulling one Justin's fancy fuzzy blankets over my legs. Throughout beginning of the movie I felt fine curled up on my own but as the horror movie advanced I began to miss Sam more and more. I knew I hadn't been the best friend recently, I'd been so focused on being okay without Sam that I hadn't realized that I was just pushing him away. I shook my long waves over my face trying to conceal my tears from the rest of the group before giving up and trying to casually get up.

"Jules?" Connor's voice trailed after me.

"I'm just going to go grab some water," I called over my shoulder. As soon as I was out of sight I jogged across the floor to Justin's private kitchen. His huge glass fridge loomed in front of me and I pressed my forehead to the glass the cold shocking my skin. Sam and I never really fought I reminded myself, it would be fine. I decided I'd call him again in the morning, there was no way he'd keep his phone off for that long. I grabbed a cold bottle of smartwater from Justin's endless supply and perched up on one of Justin's stools by his marble island. My eyes trailed around all of the clean white and glass lines in his kitchen, seeping in the beauty of the design.

"Hey, are you okay?" Michael asked placing a soft hand on my shoulder. His blonde hair was slicked back into a bun revealing his defined jaw.

"Yeah, it was just a little scary," I said smiling up at him, I was glad he had followed me out, I knew it was good for him to make friends too but I'm glad he was paying attention to me too.

"Yeah, woah, I wasn't expecting that but I swear my heart is beating so fast," Michael laughed clutching his chest mockingly.

"Mikey! It was scary, okay!" I said slapping his arm playfully.

"No, I'm being completely serious," Michael laughed grabbing my hand and putting it on his chest, his blue eyes seemed to change color depending on this lighting around him, today Michael's eyes shone a light grey as he earnestly looked at me.

"Wait are you sure you're alive…" I said trying to keep a straight face as stood up and replaced my hand with my ear, "don't worry I think I hear a heartbeat!" Michael laughed and I stood back up looking up at him nervously.

"So Jules, I had a lot of fun last night," Michael smiled warmly, the two of us just kind of looked at each other for a moment before I realised we were both just standing around in a kitchen in the dark. I couldn't contain my laughter. "Hey, what's so funny?"

"I'm sorry, nothing just, we were just standing around and the lights are off! Okay nevermind that's not funny," my cheeks burned a bright pink, I was glad it was dark so Michael wouldn't be able to tell. I turned and propped my hands up onto the counter and hoisted myself up. In my embarrassment and attempts to hide my face and rushing my hand slipped and I felt myself flailing.

"Woah," Michael seemed to move faster than life, one of his hands found my waist and the other grabbed my leg that had slipped, he easily helped me onto the counter.

"Oh my god, I'm such a spaz," I exclaimed as I hid my face in my hands.

"A really cute one," Michael said shyly his hand still on my leg, I thanked myself for shaving this morning.

"I had a lot of fun last night too," I replied intertwining my fingers with his hand that was on my waist and pulling him closer to me. Now that I was sitting on the counter I was basically the same height as Michael and looking into his eyes felt even more intense than before.

"There was one thing I wanted to apologise for though," Michael said smirking at me, on side of his lips curving upwards a little more than the other.

"Apologise?" I questioned raising my eyebrow at him and leaning back onto my other hand. Michael's hand felt warm on my thigh making it hard for me to concentrate.

"I forgot something," Michael smiled, I bit my lip and searched his face nervously.

"Wha..?" I begun to ask but the words got caught in my throat when Michael brushed my hair behind my ear. I leaned forward at just about the same time Michael did and we bumped noses, I giggled and my hand up his arm before resting on the back of his neck and gently pulling him closer to me. His lips found mine kissing me softly, I molded myself to his toned body and ran my fingers through his hair as the kisses became deeper. Michael trailed his hand up my leg and pulled it onto his hip joining us together before running his tongue over my lower lip, I eagerly parted my lips and our kisses became deeper, hungrier and more passionate.

"You forgot that?" I said breathing heavily our lips still tauntingly close.

"No, I was just nervous," Michael admitted shyly, I couldn't help but smile at how he was nervous. I wrapped my other leg around his waist and pulled him back into me.

The sound of footsteps and voices coming down the hallway forced us to unwillingly pull apart. I grinned, Michael's hair that had been perfectly pulled back into a bun was now a mess framing his face and his lips a bright pink from all the kissing.

"Oh are we interrupting?" Connor laughed looking at our disgruntled appearances.

"No!" I squealed, it was completely unbelievable and Jake, Michael and Connor burst out into laughter.

"Sorry Jules, you can't keep another one all to yourself, this one is going to play another round of foosball with us as soon as Dan comes back," Jake teased.

"Yes, and you have to play, Justin is you know busy," Connor laughed before winking at me. I smiled knowingly, typical Sandra.

"Another one?" Michael asked confused.

"He's talking about Sam," I said, as soon as I said his name my stomach hurt.

"Oh, the famous Sam, so when does she get back from camp?" Michael asked.

"Oh boy," Dan laughed from behind the guys announcing his reappearance.

"Oh, it's so weird that he hasn't come up more, Sam's a guy," I explained feeling even worse. How could I not have talked about him more.

"They're inseparable," Dan pointed out.

"Oh, well I guess I'm excited to meet him then!" Michael said after a weird glance with Dan.

"You'll love him!" I smiled.

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