Memory of love3

I have told you a million time that I love you, but its not true. I more than love you. How I feel about you cannot be expressed by just 3 words. I want you here. With me. I wish we never ended the way we did.

I lay awake on the cold air mattress. Staring up at the ceiling. Waiting.
My phone vibrates on my chest and I am quick to grab it. I answer it before checking who it is. I know who it is. Its him. Who else would call me at this ungodly hour?
"Hey." I say, trying to sound cool.
"Hey." He says.
"Sooo...what is it?" I ask.
"You know what it is"He says, semi annoyied.
"I want to hear it from you." I say.
"i like you. Happy?" he says.
"extremely." I smile.

The present**
I. Love. Denny. I lay in my bed and think to that night. That night that started this all. I was visiting with family in New Mexico.
Back to Denny. I love everything about him. His dark brown-almost-back hair, his gray-blue eyes, the fact he loves Pewdiepie as much as I do. Everything.

You're crazy if you think HE likes YOU. Mmm no no, not after what you did to him.
"I didn't mean it! I don't know what I was thinking! Also, YOU'RE the one making me crazy! Just SHUT UP Sam." I say aloud.
Sam, is a voice in my head. Or a multi-personality thingy. She doesn't try to take over or anything, just an annoying voice. Her full name is Samantha Lynn Gold. My full name is Allison Kaylene Gold, Or just Ally. Sam, is a better version of me, I guess. She doesn't speak much at all. Just when I am thinking about complicated stuff.

You know I'm right. Stop lying to yourself. He doesn't LIKE you.
"Puhh-leaassee. He doesn't like YOU. Your the 'crazy' side of my anyways!" I yell.
Hun, I'm not the 'crazy' side. You are. I'm not hearing voices in my head now am I? Your the one with the craziness going on.
"Go to hell." I mumble.
I will when you do!

She sounds way to happy about it.

Am I the crazy one? He still likes me, right? Gahh, life is so confusing...