Don't forget to make it count
Take you knife and cut it out
Think back to how it all got started
And then cut deeper to keep out the horror

Watch the blood pour from your scars
And then look around and see the bars
Good little girl, Papa's little girl
Isolated in her own little word

Death can be scary
But something else can be worse
And knowing your loved one died without a word
Can leave you in a place, that no one deserves

Everyone shouting, everyone screams
All the little girl can do is drop to her knees
She turns around and sees others smiling
And wonders how they can seem so inviting

With her world crumbled, her heart gunned down
She couldn't do anything but sit down and frown
The others stare, they don't understand
Their worlds are still on balanced land

This little girl, has grown through the years
But nothings changed and the tears still appear
She changed schools, got back some health
But still she feels like shes living in Hell

Each day she tries
Each day she dreams
Each day she remembers
That hazy, old dream

She doesn't want to try,
She doesn't want to dream,
She doesn't want to remember
She just wants to let it all be

But each day comes, and each day ends
And all she can do is go with this trend
So she closes her eyes, counts to ten
And lets the blood flow from her hands
and hopes that no one can hurt her again.