That's what I've always known you as

Not a friend, not an enemy, just red

You cause me pain

Both physically and mentally

Stirring my already fragile mind into an endless abyss

Of just red

That's all you are

The color you hold, the emotions you evoke

Its all red

I wish you would disappear

Never returning to disturb my day

Because unlike others I will never say,

"I need you."

I don't want the cries and screams

The torn organs and childish springs

Of rage that certainly causes disarray

At least within myself

I don't need the children you bring

Of changing diapers and baby sprees

None of that is right with me

So I wish you would just leave

Because all you are is red

Not a name, nor a voice

Just red

Not a friend or an enemy

Just red

Just red

Just red