chronicle my life
even the small things.
if we only keep track of the big events,
what does that leave behind?
maybe you never accomplish anything big.
what will be left to say at the funeral?
chronicle my life.
tell them I read.
I wrote.
I loved.
I broke.
tell them I was an artist.
tell them I was happy
and sad
and angry
and overjoyed.
tell them I felt things.
tell them I was quiet,
but passionate.
awkward, but friendly.
nice, but with a kick.
loyal and tender.
lover and fighter.
daughter and sister.
make it known who I was,
not just what I accomplished.
I am only human.
I do what I can.
remember me, for the big and small.
chronicle my life.
if I am only know for what I have done,
what have I accomplished as a person?
no one will remember me as I was,
unless you tell them.
share with them.
so for now,
I chronicle my life
with pictures and words,
art and design,
smiles and laughs,
statuses and social networks.
that is my life.
that is

"Chronicle My Life"
Devin Liotta