This is my first fanfic ever so please go easy on me; I will try to update every week-no definite day.

Adventures in Minecraft

Ch. 1: Stranded

Ugh… what happened? I-I'm Gigatool. How did I get here? I look around. There is some grass, sugar cane, a tree. I'm on an island. I can't remember-why am I here? I get up. I begin to collect dirt.

"Hello? Hello?"

I check the grass for seeds.

"Am I alone?"

No answer. 12 seeds-not bad. I find some daisies.

"Is anybody out there?"

I am truly alone. I decide to trim the sugar cane. I use the dirt to make a sugar cane farm. I attack the tree. Beating it until my fists are raw, ripping apart the logs with my bare hands. I replant the saplings. An apple, I'll save that for when I need food. I make a crafting table. I craft sticks, an axe, a sword, a pick. I collect more dirt. I'll need more shelter if I want to survive the night. 1 stack, 1 ½ stacks-crud the sun is setting.

I build a basic dirt box-house. My stomach growls softly. I choose against eating my apple. A skeleton spawns, a creeper, another skeleton, a zombie. It's getting dangerous, but I can't just stay here. I go out to fight. I sneak up behind a lone skeleton. He turns around- too late I strike, dodge, strike, he falls into the ocean. Strike- he dies. I dive down for the loot. An arrow One-no Two bones. I retreat back to my shelter. My stomach is starting to hurt. I eat the apple. Well this can't get any worse. It starts to rain. I'm getting restless. I spot a zombie. He doesn't notice me. Stab, stab-he falls to the ground. Rotten flesh-disgusting it'll give me food poisoning. I return to my shelter.

Not eating the rotten flesh. A skeleton and a creeper spawn side by side. The rain stops. The moon is close to the horizon. I try to sneak up on the creeper. It notices me. It explodes. I'm far away- I take no damage, I fall into the hole. It's blasted an entrance into an underground lake. The sun begins to rise. There are 2 skeletons and a spider floating in the water. I'll need to finish them off. I slice into a skeleton. I gasp. It falls into an underwater ravine, still shooting wildly. I get hit a few times. The sugar cane begins to grow. A sapling has finished growing. I decide to check the chamber opened by the creepers explosion. Nothing but a pool of water. I chop down the tree with my axe. Darn, only one sapling.

I mine some cobblestone, craft a furnace and smelt some wood into charcoal. Another tree grows I reduce it to nothing within a few seconds with my trusty axe. I replant the saplings, yet another tree finishes growing. By now I am desperate for food. Still no apples. A forth tree grows, I am starving. As I am cutting down the tree I almost scream-a creeper was walking towards me. It seemed to have not yet noticed me, but that wouldn't last long. I grabbed my sword, and charged.

End of Ch. 1

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