Irena found it hard to keep her eyes open by the time the bus stopped. Practically no one was left on the bus except her and one other.

She wobbled off the bus and got to the platform where lonely benches rested. When she approached them she sat with eyes now wide open, alert.

She kept trying to remember Alexy's face again. She'd only seen him once.

No one was out. It was odd for a friday night. Usually these places were crowded. Now It was so desolate now you could almost hear a pen drop. Out of all the times Irena had been out to this place, she'd never expect to expeirence that.

She kept look around. Nothing but older guys lingered, hands and their pockets, pacing and smoking cigarettes. They were just as impatient as she. Even more impatient to sit like she did.

She folded her arms, holding herself close as the kept glancing all around her. Maybe there was a phone around here.

She rose from the bench and glanced around. All the men around her gave her strange, creepy looks. She certainly didn't like it.

She ventured the rest of the station until she found a small phone booth. She got inside, putting in coins and dialed his number. Maybe he was still home, or maybe he was fortunate enough to have a mobile phone.

She waited impatiently until his answering machine answered.

She hung up the phone. At least he wasn't still home.

She picked up the phone again and dialed her own, well "old" house phone number. Maybe Oksana was home. Maybe she would answer.

Irena held onto the phone tightly, hoping for some good sign.

The phone picked up.

Irena was about to speak but stopped herself. She listened and waited to the quiet fuzz.

She listened very closely, now hearing deep, labored breathing.

"You cut me real deep," a voice said.

Irena's lips started to tremble.

It was Ivan.

"I know it's you, isn't it Irena," he groaned. "I made it to your filthy bed just in time."

"I need stiches.I need medical care I can't get now."

Irena clentched onto the phone even tighter, still silent.

"You can speak you know," Ivan muttered. "I won't hurt you. Not now at least, but as I lay here, I'm having thoughts of you...violent thoughts."

"Wait until I get you alone darling. I'll show you these thoughts lingering about in my head."

"What happened to us?" Irena whispered before she hung up the phone.

Ivan dropped the phone to the floor, holding a homemade turniquet to his gash between winces of pain, more emotional than physical.

He looked around the dark, silent room on the verge of tears while Irena stood in the phone booth feeling just the same.

Her head perked up when she heard more than one metro. They were comming and maybe Alexy would be comming off it.

She practically skipped to the metro when she glanced over and noticed that boy again...

Maybe he had taken another bus here. She didn't know. But somehow he got here.

He didn't notice her now, or acted like he wanted too anyway. For a moment she thought he might have been following her.

The metro's finally stopped and within moments that peculiar, reassuring face came walking out.


He kept trying to wipe the smirk off his face and she wasn't sure why. His teal eye's glowed the closer he came to her.

"Irena?" he asked. "Is that you?"

"Yes," she gasped, smiling brightly, practically running to him. "I can't believe you came!"

"Here's your ticket," Alexy said, handing her one. He looked wonderful in his grand, tidy outfit with not a crease on it.

Irena however was still wearing the same clothes she wore the last time she saw him. They were filthy now, but she still tried her hardest to keep them clean.

"Come come, along with me now," he smirked, pushing her along side him. His aura around him was so gentle and welcoming. Just being around him made you feel instantly secure, like everything was going to be just fine.

"We can talk all about it on the metro," he said as they rushed over to it. "Did you find your...sister was it?"

"No, but I'm sure she'll be fine," Irena muttered as they stood in the small line. At the very end standing was the boy...She tried hard not too think about him too much. She couldn't anyway, she was with Alexy again at last.

Alexy and Irena rushed to seat themselves the farthest they could from anyone else.

Irena quckly grabbed his hand and started shaking it. She wasn't sure why. It just seemed proffesional, like him.

"I hope you know you saved my life," she said. "Thank you so much."

Alexy smiled like she was almsost pathetic. He didn't mean to look at her that way, he just did.

"May I see it?" he asked with a gleam in his eyes.

"Oh yes," Irena said reaching in her pocket and pulling out the blood stained knife.

At first he smiled, but the more he noticed the blood on the knife the lower the smile became.

"It is my knife..." he said in almost disbelif. "Well, my fathers anway."

He sort of cleared his throat, staring as Irena, now embaressed as she put the knife back in her pocket.

"I'll clean the blood off for you I'm sorry I...," she began but he interupped.

"Just tell me exactly what happened," he asked, very intrigued. "I want to know all about it."

Irena glanced ahead of her to the familar looking boy. He was minding his own busniess she supposed, but why did it feel like he'd been following her this whole time?

Why did she feel like she knew him?

She looked back at Alexy.

"I don't know if I can tell you," she whispered.

"You can trust me," he said.

She swallowed hard. She didn't trust anyone. Not even herself.

"It started with this knife..." she began.