Get out, get out, get out

Before he hurts you

{Your heart will break just like always}

Wait, don't leave him

Silly girl, he's all you got going right

{Without him, you're nothing}

You could do anything

He's just holding you back

{He wants you to fail}

You stupid girl,

He loves you

Why would he want you to fail?

What man wants to be overshadowed by his girl?

And overshadow him you will

{That would just kill him}

He loves you and you love him

So why bring him down?

You can't do that anyway

{You're nothing, remember?}

Do you really just want to be his girl?

Do you think that he will allow you to be anything else?

{He won't}

How many times has he told you that he loves you?

Too many times to count

So why would he hurt you?

{It's not his fault you're nothing}

He tells you he loves you

But he hurts you

{And you don't even realize it}