The Second Era of Dragons


Long ago great dragons ruled the earth; they were great and fierce creatures. When these puny humans started evolving, the great dragons sat and waited for them to evolve waiting to see what kind of creatures they would become, what kind of things they would do; while others foresaw their destruction by the hands of them and began to eat them. The humans did not know of the kind ones and thought that all dragons were evil. They began to kill all the dragons until they were nearly gone.

By this time only a few dragons remained. A man who thought these creatures beautiful raised them and waited as they grew and mated, and when the older ones died they had given the younger ones knowledge of their past. And with this knowledge the dragons grew with hatred towards the humans, and eventually mated themselves until they had a great clan of dragons, and sent them all out to start destroying this advanced human race.

By this time the humans had advanced so far that they had skyscrapers, wars themselves, and a far advanced civilization. When the dragons attacked they were weak against the now advanced dragons, and their country shriveled until there was hardly anything left. People began to revert to kingdoms and villages. There was still technology and things in space that the dragons couldn't reach, so they managed to keep cell phones (that now don't cost anything to use), and managed to keep their electricity but they had to go back to when times were tough, it seemed to them like this new world of them was a cross between the past and the future they once had.

The first person to fight a dragon gained the scales of the dragon and created an armor of his scales, because they were tougher then metal. But the scales seemed to have given him magical abilities. And when he had children his children gained some of that magic, and others began to do this. Now at least 40% of what's left of the human race has magical abilities.

Reports of people in Sweden had captured the horns of dragons and used them as helmets. They then had gone crazy, lost their mind with power. But they were not to be messed with for they were feared by everyone.

This was the second era of the dragons.