Chapter 1- a castle far far away

Standing before the Kingdom, a young man awaited his destiny, for they lied beyond the large barreling wood and metal doors. Ryuu stared in disbelief that he was actually here. He grabbed hold of his necklace, his father, his mother, his grandmother, and… even his old sensei would be proud of him.

Once before, Ryuu has stared up at the magnificent castle and all its graces, and from where Ryuu was raised, the castle looked only of a fairy tail in books, that was so beyond grasp, that there wasn't even a need to hope for it.

Long ago, before Ryuu was ever born, a simple man, and a simple woman met, and they fell in love, but since a kid, that simple man had always dared for adventure. When one day his mother fell ill and his father grew old, A dragon swept in and took out half the village, poor innocent villagers were brutally murdered in a darkness. Among the dead was the simple man's father. The man fell to his knees and cried, he vowed to seek revenge. And so he did, he fought, and fought and fought. He had many battles against this dragon, until one day the man found a nest with the dragon guarding the nest.

The man was in shock, there were three little dragon eggs and a scared, worried, and angry mother staring deep into the mans eyes.

'Young man' said a voice deep inside his head. The man, scared, jumped back and looked at his hands, was he going insane? 'heh, no, you are not going insane, it is me, the dragon, I can not speak to you for your ears to listen, for with our kind only your mind will be able to hear us'

"W-what do you want! I am here to kill you! You killed my father! And I am here to seek revenge!" the man screamed

'What foolishness you creatures are. Very well, but in return, you must make me one promise lad' her voice spoke 'let my children live, and I will allow you to kill me'

"I will not harm your children! What kind of fool do you take me for? My revenge is on you, not them."

The dragon snickered, got up and turned around, walking away from the nest. 'very well, then we must get away from here, I do not wish for my children to see this'

Eventually the man and the dragon were far enough away from the nest, that the dragon, and the man could fight. The man drew his sword.

'One last thing before we fight, is that revenge never ends' with those final words they fought, and the man won.

Afterwards he dug a few of her teeth out of her mouth, and put them in his bag, when he got home he sew all the teeth together, to make a necklace.

Once he put the necklace on he quickly turned into a shadow, and he disappeared, he then turned into the table shadow, and then the door shadow, and then his wife's shadow. With these teeth he had enough power to do what he wanted.

And so he did, and him and his wife had a son, and he grew up so fast, and soon he had a wife, and then they had a son. They were so happy, all of them, the son was so loved by everyone around him. But then it all came crashing down.

The dragon that the simple man had killed so long ago, her mate had come seeking his revenge for his dead wife. But in that moment was when that simple man finally realized what that dragon meant.

Quickly they ran inside the house, and the man said to his family, "do not seek revenge my dear children, for there is no end, for revenge." And then he ran out into the streets and cried "DRAGON! Dragon I am here, I am the one who killed your wife" and then suddenly he was no longer there. The dragon left, but he wouldn't be gone for long.

A few years later the grandson held his grandfather's necklace in his hands. His grandmother believed he was ready to learn his grandfather's secrets. And so there was, training with the necklace. He jumped and played in the shadows, scaring his friends, and having fun with everyone.

But then the dragon attacked again and suddenly it wasn't fun anymore. The dragon started for the boy, but his parents quickly jumped in, and then they were gone. The boy vanished into the shadows, and quickly ran for his grandma, the only person left who was dear to him. And he stayed with her until the dragon left.

After the villagers all agreed to go to that castle far away, that they would protect everyone from the dragon, and so they set off.

The travel was long, and lengthy, and dangerous, but they were so determined to make it there that they all pushed themselves, even his grandmother did, so much so, that she ended up overexerting herself, and she died on the trail. "Keep moving forward my boy, and don't look back" her voice echoed in the boys head.

It pushed him to make it to the village, and he continued and continued, until they were finally there. With the king welcoming them with open arms.

Not long later, the boy began creeping threw the night, hiding in the shadows, protecting people from thieves and crooks. But then in the middle of a fight once, he was caught by the guards. They captured the theif and took him away, but the boy just sat there with his hands cuffed. The chief of the guards was standing before him now.

"What is your name la'd" said some kind of Scottish accent.

"M-my name is Ryuu!" he said with a shaky but stern voice

The man laughed, and laughed. "I like ya" he said.

Soon Ryuu was training under the lead guard, the strongest man in the kingdom.

Now Ryuu was standing before the castle, his white hair flowing with the wind, a black mask, covering his nose and mouth, shoulder pads, silver, and his outfit all black.

Finally the king arrived, and Ryuu kneeled down on one knee.

"Ahahaha! Up my son, up!" The king shouted with laughter.

Ryuu slowly stood back up, unsure what was going on, but then sat down at a small outdoor table. But then, there she walked, a beautifully hand sewn dress, blue as sapphires, with a small pale girl in it, and long flowing pink hair, gracefully walking towards the two of them. It was the princess.

Ryuu was worried, why was she here? Did he do something wrong? Was he being blamed for- and then she fell.

"Princess!" Ryuu shouted as he jumped up, he quickly raced to the princess before she even realized she had started falling, and caught her before she hit the ground.

"Aha! See Amaya! I knew he'd be perfect!" The king roared, with laughter.

"What?" Ryuu asked, "what about me?"

"As you can tell, Amaya is not the most graceful person, and I grow to worry a lot about her. So I am assigning YOU, Ryuu, to be my daughter's personal guard. You will watch over, and protect her at all times. Do you understand?" The King asked, now next to the two of them.

"Uh… yes sir" Ryuu responded, still very confused.

"My daughter deserves the best!" The king shouted as he walked back to the castle.

The princess cleared her throat, obviously embarrassed. "Well, as you know, I am Amaya, the princess, and you will attend to any need that my other servants can not provide for me."

"Ah! Yes ma'am" Ryuu said. Now that the king was gone, he was much more relaxed. Knowing his head could stay safely on his shoulders.

"Now, let us return inside, I can already hear those awful bugs eating away at my dress! Those maidens worked so hard to make this beautiful dress, and yet here these stupid bugs are, just shattering their work. Such awful creatures!" The Princess said, seeming like she was fighting with the bugs.

It seems as though the princess isn't as selfish as the village had made her out to be, more then likely just because she hates bugs. Ryuu grinned under his mask.

"So, if you will fallow me I will show you the castle" the princess said stepping inside the doors.

Everything here was beautiful and so huge! It was like a small dragon house(if there ever were such a place), the kitchen was big, the library was big, the dinning hall was big, even the princess' bedroom was big. And it was all, also so beautiful.

Then we walked to the bedroom next to the princess' bedroom, it wasn't as lavish as hers, but it was still bigger then any place Ryuu had even dreamed of being in. "So this is your room." The princess said. "I'll let you get settled in, dinner is at 6, dessert at 8, and my bedtime is at 10. Those events are important, otherwise, for the rest of it you are free" the princess turned around and left to her own room.

Later on that night Ryuu had attended every event, standing guard over the princess, but after, he had decided to roam the castle. Looking at the castle without all the bustling people was very peaceful and relaxing.

"Hey" called a voice.

Ryuu quickly turned around, his blade already drawn, and at the throat of the culprit.

"Yo, dude, relax! It's just me, well, I work in the kitchen, I'm one of the cook's assistants." The guy said with his hands up. "I'm Koga, you must be Princess' new knight."

"Yeah, sorry. I'm Ryuu, also known as the Dark Knight" Ryuu said putting his sword back in the sheath.

"Well it's nice to meet you" Koga said, holding out his hand.

"You as well" Ryuu said shaking his hand.

"Well I better go before the night guards get pissed off" Koga said taking off.

Ryuu also went back to his room for the night, going to sleep. Knowing his life was now changed.