Some days I wake up and I think of my life. It will honestly be the first thing on my mind. And on those days are the days when I feel least human. It doesn't make sense I know, but on those days I just get this feeling like I know this life better than I'm supposed to. On those days I can sit back and enjoy watching the hope filled people of our world mingle around and screw up like their lives matter. But in the long run, their lives don't matter. Every one is just a stranger on the street to one another. Nobody knows one another. Love is losing meaning. Memories are too. And people think lust and drugs can hide that fact. People think that if they turn a blind eye, they won't have to really see the fact that we are all just predictable, pathetic, monsters, with an ego, and a lump in our chest made of dirt and red paint. It's a shame what we are, because not only are we that but we are ingenious. We have such complex minds capable of so much, but again as monsters, that put blinders on themselves, we don't see that. We don't see our true potential, potential that could rise to the knowledge of being unstoppable.

But that's a tangent for another time.

On these specific days of my life I feel almost invisible. I feel violent, like humanity needs to be mocked, scorned, violated, punished. On these specific days I feel like I could walk down the street and see every problem in everyone's life, almost as is their lives are magnified through those glass orbs in their masked faces. It's almost, in a way, like life is a masquerade, and on these days of my life do I feel like I can see the real pathetic them through these "transperant heretics".

Does this psychotic digression make sense? Do my words just seem sociopathic? Or do my taunting words actually strike someone as they do me? Do others, when they hear these words, feel the need to punish and torture society like my heart truly desires to? Do others think of their loved ones calling out for help in the lowest of their lows and through their tears of pain and strife?

Am I the only one?