The animals,
They live everywhere.
The rivers and seas,
They flow everywhere.
The earth shifts,
Until we can no longer tell what was a mountain and what was a valley,
Ten thousand years ago.

The rocks harden and weather.
The water evaporates,
Then comes pouring down in torrents.
The ice freezes and melts,
Filling the oceans with the liquid they need,
To rise up over the land.

The moon waxes and wanes,
Pulling the water into tides that ebb and flow.
And the birds fly high,
For they left the ground behind,
Sixty million years ago.

The rats and mice scurry,
Into and under the dirt.
The cats make the most of the light after dark.
The fish swim,
Shallow and deep alike,
Waiting for their chance,
To crawl up onto the land,
Like our ancestors did,
Millions of years past.

The sun will explode,
Engulf the earth,
Swallow it whole.
The Milky Way will continue to spin,
And the earth will be forgotten.

The trees will never flower again,
But the universe will grow,
Until it stretches thin,
And plays the part of the rubber band.
Only then will it come to an end.

Hope you liked it!