Draco's Story Chapter 1 "Son get behind me!" Was the last words i heard my dad say before the dragon tossed him in the air chomping him in half. His sword dropped to the ground in front of me. I grabbed the sword and heard a scream making me to my side to see a winged ground drake going near my sister and mother. It brought it's head back and let loose a barrage of fire onto them. "MOM, CHANNING!" I yelled running for them. I reached them but I was to late. They already were ash's in the dirt. I dropped to the ground on my knees Tears stinging my eyes as realization struck me that my only living family was now dead. I heard a chuckle behind me so I turned to see the ground drake behind me. I stood up and faced the dragon with anger in my eyes and fire in my gut. It hissed at me and brought it's head back and was charging it's fire. "OH NO YOU DON'T!" I yelled throwing the sword towards the dragons mouth. The sword went into it's mouth killing it instantly. It dropped to the ground with the sword sticking out the back of its head. I started to walk away from the dragon and towards my dads remains. I carelessly forgot about the dragon the killed him. I heard wings flapping over my head. I looked above me to see a fire drake flying towards me. I started backing up but it was in vain. The dragon landed with it's right front hand on my chest. I tried to get up and kill it but then it pushed down even harder. It looked strangely at me and then chuckled. "What's so funny you over grown skink?" I said mockingly with a smirk. The dragon brought up it's talon and brought it down across my left eye. I yelled in frustration as my eye was cut. I opened my right eye to see the dragon then bite it's left hand hovering the cut over my eye. The dragons blood dropped onto my eye and seeped down into the cut. Intensive pain came over me and I could feel my body changing. The dragon took to the air and left me lying there on my back clutching my eye. The pain almost killed me with the force of the change in my body. I eventually passed out because of the pain praying to god to wake up with my life still intact. But I know that will never happen again. 5 Years later I'm 20 now and today is the day that my family was murdered. I now spend my days hunting dragons with my new abilities. I now have advanced sight, hearing, speed, strength, and smell along with some physical features that changed. My left eye is red and is the eye of a dragon. My body has scales on some parts but I can suppress them making them disappear for a short while. I have webbed feet making me a great swimmer. I have the appearance of a halfling. The dragon that gave me this had changed my life forever. It turned me into a Draconian. A half breed with the blood of a dragon. After I passed out from the pain that day 5 years ago I woke up in a room at a college. Turns out dragon slayers came to my home and found me. They took me to the dragon slayers college for treatment. The effects the dragon did on me were irreversible making it impossible to treat. I asked for them to train me to kill the over grown skinks and they allowed me in. I graduated top of my class from the college at the age of 19 and was given my own set of armor and weapons. I have killed so far 236 Dragons and am still counting. I was granted the title Dragon Knight by the king since I have killed so many of the dragons. At the college I learned that the dragons come to earth from another realm and that they can also take on the form of a draconian to go through areas undetected. I have made sure that each dragon I go after dies no matter what even if I die. I built a home on the land the king gave me for times when I need to recuperate. Its a small house made out of stone so that dragons can't burn it down with their flames. I have not yet killed the dragon that took my dads life and i search for that dragon each and every time I go out on a mission. Not one day goes by without me remembering the remains of my family at my old home. Today I'm going to a pond to relax on the memories of my family like I do every year. I always want to forget what happened that day but I never can. I wish one day I can come to peace with everything but that's what it is. It's only a wish.