A/N... This was written for a competition, it had to be set in a horror convention and be no more than three hundred words long. This one didn't place...

"I can't believe I let you talk me into coming here"

"Dude, you told me you used to go to these things all the time!" Matt turned to Sam. "You said they were fun"

"Yeah. When I was eight. I've since discovered that there is life outside of comics and movies"

Mat shrugged. "Well, whatever, man. I still paid a hundred bucks for us to get in here, and we're getting our money's worth whether you like it or not"

Sam sighed. He enjoyed horror movies, he did. Most of them, not the crappy stuff where you could see the monster's zipper was showing. But these conventions? Everyone dressed like a Zombie? Seriously?

"Um, Sam?" Mat grabbed his friend's arm. "Something weird going on here?"

"Yeah. Of course there is" Sam turned back to Matt with a grin. "We're at a horror convention"

Matt's suddenly dropped to the floor, pulling Sam with him.

"What the hell, dude?"

Mat's face was white, his eyes round. "Get up. Get up now, and run. I'm not joking"

Sam frowned and twisted his head to look behind himself.

Another zombie.

Not a latex-suit-badly-prepared-homemade-blood-type-costumed zombie.

A real zombie. Chunks of sticky, rotting flesh falling from it as it lunged towards them.

Sam ripped Matt up with one huge lunge propelled them both towards a door as the screams of the living being attacked by a multitude of the undead assaulted their ears.

Sam slammed Matt through the door and tumbled after him, safe in the dark supply closet.

"I don't understand. Dawn of the dead? Here? What happened?" Sam reached around, trying to find a light switch on the wall.

As the light flickered on Matt turned to face Sam, not seeing the zombie behind him as it lunged forward to bite into his flesh.

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