Is This a Dream?

Leila's POV

My first day of grade 11 at a new high school and I'm already late! The school, Saint Francis College, was so hard to find. Who on earth decided to hide it behind all these houses, but that's gone and past, I need to find a park now before anything else goes wrong. 'Student Parking Only' was plastered to multiple signs around some parks so I found one, hopped out as quick as I could with all my stuff and practically ran to the administration office for my meeting with the principal before I went to my classes.

I walked through the front doors of what I assumed to be the building that I was looking for and luckily it was. I started walking around when I heard, "Miss Greene, I presume?" A woman asked from behind a counter. "Yes, Leila Greene" I replied as I began to walk over to her counter. "Good as the principal is reading to see you. Down that hallway second door on the right. Have a nice day." The woman said pointing me in the direction of the principal's office. I made my way down the hall remembering that it was the second door on the right. I reached it and opened it to find a boy who I presumed was my age with blonde shaggy hair sitting in one of the 2 chairs in front of a desk who an old, white haired man sat who I also presumed to be the principal. "Ah Leila, so nice to finally meet you in person. I'm your principal Mr Duck and this is Hunter Rae, he will be here to help you around on your first day as he is in all of your classes." Mr Swan said instructively as he stood from his seat to shake my hand and gesture me to the empty seat beside Hunter. "Hi I'm Hunter." Hunter said as I sat down on the chair and turned to face Hunter to give a hello smile. To my surprise he was already smiling at me, heck, I am pretty sure that was actually the first genuine smile I had seen since arriving in Brisbane. "Hi." I simply replied with turning my head back towards the principal. "Now Leila, here is your schedule, locker number, diary and key card. Now that key card isn't just only your id card but it is also a card to get into our facilities here on campus. We trust our students here that they will use this privilege correctly and not make us question our trust. That key also gets you into your locker instead of having a lock and key. It's safer to use as people can't break this state of the art technology. Now Hunter here will show you to your locker, get you sorter out, show you around campus and then take you to your first class. I hope you have a nice day Miss Greene." Mr Duck said with probably zero to no enthusiasm what so ever. I collected everything that I needed and then both Hunter and I stood up out of our seats and walked towards the exit of the building.

As soon as we stepped out of the office Hunter asked, "I know you have so manyquestions to ask me. I could see your facial expression change after everything he told you and before you knew it we were rushed out here. His usual routine. Anyway, what would you like to know?" I was amazed that he actually knew I had questions to ask. Was it really that obvious in there that I understood none of what he said? "Well, I never pictured you to be into music since we have the same timetable and-" I was cut off by Hunter, "Real important question Leila." He said as if he was beginning to become impatient. "Oh sorry. Why would they trust us with keys to the school?" I asked deciding I wasn't going to piss off someone I barely even knew on my first day off school. "As you probably know, this college is a world renowned school for its sports and arts programs but not just anyone can register as you can tell. So, this school knows that the students that are enrolled are practically on the honor roll and can be trusted. So I guess they don't mind us having keys. Plus I think they think it would encourage us to study or work harder during lunch times and free periods." he said with almost certainty, I know that wasn't fully true by the way he said it. We veered down a concrete path to a set of lockers. "Pass me that piece of paper with your locker number on it please." he said politely. Nice, someone with manners, I like it. You know, come to think of it, Hunter was hot. With his shaggy but tamed blonde hair and blue eyes, it made him so irresistible, but no doubts he already has a girlfriend, plus it's only my first day. Shaking myself from that trance I handed him the piece of paper. "Seriously, you have to be joking." he said shaking his head not in a 'ugh I'm so angry' way but in a 'I can't actually believe it' way. "Your locker is next to mine. It's just down here." He said pointing to the small set of large lockers. We walked over to them and he pointed at what I took to be my locker. Number 777, my lucky numbers. Hunter's locker was 778, so it was to my right. I was the end locker and for me I had no door opening across mine. I slid my key card through the slider and the light went from green to red, shoved my stuff in there, looked at my timetable which read, 'MONDAY - PERIOD 1 AND 2 - MUSIC'. Yes, I had music first. So I grabbed my corresponding books, closed the locker and actually looked at the lockers and they were good, really good. They were the length of the American lockers but double the width, maybe even a bit more. I'm beginning to like this school and I haven't even gotten to any of my classes yet or even had a tour of this place. Maybe I will like this school after all.

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